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I woke up feeling very groggy and unsure of were I was. As I lied there, I turned around to see my Uncle Daniel. Then I began to remember everything. I felt wonderful. My favourite uncle had fucked me six ways from Sunday only the night before. My pussy felt like a steam train and shot up it, but I felt so content. I reached for my mobile phone. I had a lot of missed calls and a few messages from the girls wondering was I ok.

While Daniel slept I took this chance to ring one of them, so I rang Sally. She answered her phone sounding very distraught. I told her to calm down and that I was in my hotel room with Daniel. I told her to cover for me if my mom rang and to tell her I had gone the shop or something. I told Sally I’d be in touch and not to worry.

I heard footsteps from behind, it was Daniel. He looked sort of surprised to see me and then kind of smiled and brushed my cheek with his hand.

“How do you feel this morning?” he asked. I just smiled leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

“ I take it that you are ok then” he tried to mutter as I reached for his already growing cock.

I looked at him and said “Good morning”.

I told him I was talking to Sally and that she would cover for me, so I was his for the day. I asked him, what he wanted to do. He suggested we have a shower, get ready and go for breakfast. I walked towards the bathroom and Daniel followed close behind.

I looked over my shoulder and asked, “Where do you think you are going”?

He just smiled and pushed me into the bathroom. As he did I turned around and we both stumbled into the bathroom giggling and kissing. Our hands were all over each other. Next thing I knew I was under the shower. The first jets of water were freezing and we yelped as the water hit our skin. Then the water began to heat up. Our bodies mashed together under the powerful spray.

I could feel his cock against me leg. I reached for it and began to stroke it gently. He reached down to my open well fucked pussy and began to slowly rub my hardening clit. We kept this up for a few minutes, kissing each other deeply on the mouths, nibbling on lips and biting on each others neck. As we did I slowly began to turn my back to him and placed my hands against the wall. Daniel took the hint and positioned himself behind me. He placed the head of his hard knob against my now very wet pussy lips and slowly entered me. He slid in and out of me so expertly. He felt so good and I never wanted this to end.

We both started to moan and verbally abuse one another.

“Ohhhh yeah Dan mmmmm yeahs you fuck me so well. Mmmmm you like fucking you own flesh and blood don’t you”, I said as I looked over my shoulder with a growl coming deep down inside my stomach

“Oh yeah Nicola. I love your pussy. I could fuck you all day, you cock loving slut. You like my cock in you don’t you”, as he ground harder and faster into me.

It did not take much more of this before we were both climaxing. My whole body was racked with and overwhelming jolt and he shot load after load of think cum into me. This was so amazing. Yesterday I never knew I would be fucking my own uncle in the shower of a hotel room. My whole world was spinning.

As we slowed down we washed each other and got ready talking about what we were going to do. The 2 of us were starving and both agreed and big fry was in order. He knew a great place bakırköy escort only 5 mins from were we were We began chatting about normal things and what my plans were for the day.

That’s when I looked at him with a wicked smile and said, “I could stay in my room all day”.

Daniel giggled and walked around the table hugged and me and said, “Doesn’t sound like a bad idea” and planted a big kiss on my cheek.

I grabbed his arms and hugged him in close. Wow! I thought. “I feel so safe. Nothing could ever harm me here”

As we entered the room Daniel scooped me off my feet and walked towards the bedroom. Our lips were touching, tongues searching and probing. When we got there he placed me on the bed and we continued our oral assault. His tongue was so soft and yet hard enough to let me know he meant business. My head was spinning at the thought of fucking my uncle again for the second time in one day.

He was lying over me and I could feel his hardness press against my upper thigh. I needed him inside me once more. I reached down, unbuckled his trousers and slid his big member out of his boxers and slowly massaged it. His hands reached down under my skirt. He reached for my pussy and discovered I wasn’t wearing my panties. He slowly began to rub my engorged clit, as I was moaning into his mouth and arching my back wanting his fingers.

He slid his waist around so that he was well positioned and then leaned into me. I kept hold of his big rod and guided it into my horny cunt. As he leaned forward I hunched my hips upwards and took all of him. I heard him groan as I did. He began to slid in and out of my wet pussy and I could feel my walls hug every inch, every nook and cranny that his cock offered.

We began to pick up some rhythm as we both groaned and moaned. I needed him so much. He looked at me and began to kiss me deeply. All the while plunging his cock into my tight fuck hole. I was humping back at him with every thrust.

“Oh fuck me Daniel, yes fuck your niece oooooooooohhhhhhh yeah.” I moaned feeling my pressure build.

“Take it Nicola mmmm yeah you little horny fuck, mmmmmmmmm take your uncles cock into you yeaahhhh”, as he was getting close.

“Cum for me Daniel, cum in me. I wan to feel you cum right in me”

Daniel fucked me furiously. I could feel every thrust, every jolt. I needed him so much and he needed me. It was so, amazing as he kept ramming into me. That was it we both exploded screaming each other’s name.

“Oh fuck Daniel yyyyyeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…. Cum cum cum, up my cunt”

“Fuck fuck fuck oh god Nicola”.

We both continued this for a few minutes as we slowed down and I could feel Daniel start to get soft. I slid down him and took his shrinking cock into my mouth. I cold taste a mixture of him and me from his big fuck rod. I licked him clean as he lay back with an audible sigh.

I finished licking every drop from his cock and slid up his body to him. I lay my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him. I felt so content, so happy, warm and safe. He ran his hands all over my back and through my hair. He even placed a kiss on the top o my head. I ran my hands all over his chest and stomach until we fell asleep like that.

I awoke with a strange but nice tingling between my legs. I looked down and there was Daniel nose deep in muff. I could clearly see his tongue beşiktaş escort bathing and licking my cunt. I also noticed another thing he must have stripped me as I slept, the crafty little devil.

“MMMMMMM lick your nieces cunt better after you so royally abused it”

I heard a little giggle come from him as he took 2 fingers and slowly slid them into my cunt. My eyes closed and I revelled in the sensation of having my clit and hole stimulated by this great man. He began to pick up speed as he licked and sucked on my clit. My ass was jumping off the bed meeting every thrust of his fingers. Just then I felt him rim my ass with a finger from his other hand. As he pushed in I came with such force I nearly fainted.

As he began to slow down I noticed his big cock. He turned me over on my hands and knees with a little help from me of course. I buried my face into the pillows as I felt the head of his cock enter my hungry pussy. He continued to saw into me and I loved every minute of it. I was pushing back against his big shaft wanting more and more.

While all this was going on, unknown to us, my friend Sally had arrived at into my room. Sally and I had shared guys before and had experimented a little with each other. As she walked around the room she heard noises coming from the bedroom room. She walked towards the room and what greeted her sent a thrill right down through her pussy.

All she could see was that some really hot guy was fucking her best friend on her hands and knees. Sally tried to pull herself away but she couldn’t. She was transfixed on this big cock plunging in and out of my tight pussy. Her hand instinctively dropped to the outside of her trousers and she began to rub her pussy.

She began to get out of her clothes. Within seconds she had her back against the door with 3 fingers deep inside her pussy as she watched this gorgeous guy take her best friend from behind.

The she heard it, “Ohhh Daniel fuck me, fuck me”

This was sending Sally over the edge. She couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a big groan as she came all over her hands. In the throws of her cum she had not seen Daniel turn around.

He looked at me with a question on his face. I just nodded and ushered him to proceed. He walked across to Sally and placed her hand on his tool. I had turned around so quick I nearly got whiplash. As I did I caught my depraved friend drop to her knees and began sucking on my uncle’s shaft, which was covered in my juices. Daniel looked towards me and motioned to me to come over to him.

I realised Sally had no idea Daniel was my uncle. I did not know what to do but I was so turned on I couldn’t help myself. By the time Sally or I realised it, I was on my knees beside her sucking on my uncles balls. She still had her fingers in her pussy and this sent her into more convulsions. That’s when Daniel came. She gulped and gulped trying to breathe and swallow at the same time. I could see dribbles of cum on either side of his shaft.

As she released him I grabbed it in my mouth. Sally was exhausted, two orgasms in a matter of minutes. I leaned forward and began to kiss her, tasting my uncle’s emptied balls on her lips. She hesitated but I kissed her harder. I felt her hand reach behind my head and pull me closer to her. We kissed deeply with our hands exploring each other as we slid to the ground. We were laid beylikdüzü escort in the middle of the doorway which I’m sure was a site.

Sally got up, took me by the hand and put me on the bed. I could see the fire in her eyes. It was almost frightening. She pushed me back and slowly began to kiss down my body. It all felt so right. As I looked towards my uncle I could clearly see he was stroking his cock getting hard again. Daniel had sucked my cunt well but Sally was an expert. Men are good but women just seem to know exactly were to touch. Every touch, lick and suck seemed to send thrills shooting from my pussy all the way to my head.

“Oh yes Sally suck my cunt mmmmm yes”, I barely muttered

“Suck that pussy. Make her beg for more”, was Daniel’s reply.

I wasn’t far off from my orgasm when I noticed Daniel manoeuvred himself behind my bent friend. As he sunk into her I heard her moan and groan with delight.

Daniel looked right at me and said, “I’m going to fuck you hard as you suck on her. Do you like that”?

The look in his eyes was menacing and I knew he meant what he said

“That’s it fuck her as she sucks on my pussy. Fuck her hard”, I replied.

“Take that you little slut” and Sally rammed 3 fingers deep into me. I nearly hit the roof with the power of her blows as she kept ramming them in and out of me. She fucked my pussy so well. I couldn’t take it any longer and I think the whole situation was getting to us all. Sally was fucking back onto Daniel’s tool as I fucked her fingers.

We all came in unison with a chorus of groans and moans, followed by fuck me’s and oh fuck’s. Daniel shot his cum deep into Sally’s wanton slit, as her cum soaked his cock. She got a full face of my juices and she continued to lap it up. Daniel continued to slid in and out of Sally as she sucked my pussy clean of my cum juices.

While I lay there I looked at my uncle. His face was pure bliss as he fucked Sally from behind. She was rocking back and forth trying to get every inch of his cock inside her with every thrust, but at the same time not taking her mouth from my cunt. She was an expert at sucking clit and soon had me at the edge. I could feel every thrust of Daniel as he plunged into her depths.

“Oh yeah Dan fuck her mmm yeah. Oohh Sal please don’t stop mmmmm”.

I was so close, as we all were, to cumming. My hips were lifting off the bed as she inserted two fingers deep into me. I could feel another finger probe my ass. Sally knew how much I liked having my as rimmed.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming mmm oohhh fuck right up your cunt”, I heard Daniel moan

This sent both Sally and I over the edge as she fucked and sucked me harder and faster with what felt like every jet of cum sent up her pussy by Daniel. My body was racked with such an intense orgasm and I know I soaked Sally’s mouth and face in cum.

As we all calmed down we clambered up to the top of the King Size bed. I asked Sally, how did she get into the room? She told me the maid let her in. That’s when Daniel came out with.

“I can’t believe I just had a threesome with my niece and her friend”.

I said nothing and Sally just sat there shocked. She then started mumbling something about niece. And what the fuck was Daniel talking about. I totally explained everything and who Daniel was. Sally was very shocked by this but I think the massaging Daniel was giving her pussy was very persuasive. We soon resumed our mutual pleasuring. By the end of the day Sally made Daniel and I promise that we would do this again, which we readily agreed.

I do hope you enjoy this sequel. And of course feedback is always welcome. But please make it constructive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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