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A fantasy created by International writers Satinlvr_mwf, CurtB, Julie Van and Wunderboi.


Our story thus far…

The heroine, Suzi Recreant, has just returned from a rather successful follow-up expose` for the Rhino News Network. RNN, of course, is a subsidiary of Rhino Multimedia, or RMM, which is in itself a subsidiary of Rhino Electronics, all of which is owned by a Mr. Oskar Botha. More information about Rhino can be found in the series titled “Out of Africa”, found on several websites.

During her interview, where she was able to obtain the inside story, she was also tricked and taken advantage of by one of the leaders of prison life, a black thug whose name was withheld due to security concerns. What was not withheld, however, was her being ravished by this hulking coal-black convict, and how he unleashed his pent-up demand in her body. Using the agreed-upon rules of the interview against her, the coal-black man had her on her back, her skirt above her waist, and legs splayed in short order, giving her the bliss all women desire of a lover, as well as his release virile black seed into her unprotected and possibly fertile womb. He was strict with her, and not abusive, though it was a day or two before she could walk normally, and she was ready to resume her normal daily duties.

The Rhino Multi-media photographer managed to capture that very well, and the new porn movie went into distribution. Unbeknownst to Suzi, she was a rising porn starlet, as well as her ‘normal’ job as a television news anchor, currently based in the Hawksville area.

After review of the ‘interview’ and approval by Mr. Oskar Botha, the President of the Rhino Electronics conglomerate, Suzi was being sent out to a new market, San Diego, California. Mr. Botha’s feelings were that the time was ripe to further subvert the population and give rise in power and prestige to the black race, and what better way to do that than to use the ‘Rhino Effect’ on an unsuspecting populace, one who was drawn to watch his newly risen star, a buxom red-haired beauty who had not only been subjugated by this same ‘Rhino Effect’, but also was now starring in the very same porn movies that featured interracial relations. What better way to make reality TV a weapon against the establishment and further Mr. Botha’s cause?


“What do you mean we are moving, again?” Zack nearly shouted at his wife. “Do you realize what this is doing to my career? I can’t keep changing jobs like this… my resume` is a wreck!”

It was nearly 1:00 AM, and both were tired. Zack, from staying up late, waiting for his wife to come home from work, and Suzi from her long day, first at the Rhino Multimedia, or RMM, headquarters, and then her three news broadcasts, each of which featuring her in very flirty attire, revealing more than was proper for a news desk anchor. But it was that ‘accidental’ exposure that made Suzi so popular, and despite being, at times, a hard-hitting newswoman, she had considerable sex appeal. Couple that with the Rhino Effect, and she was every male-viewer’s fuck-fantasy. Place her exploits on RMM Interracial Porn channels and gallons of cum were being spilled nightly, either by men and women coupling, or men alone, who had to take matters into their own hands. All of whom, however, were deeply fantasizing about white women having sex with black men. Such was the Rhino Effect.

Suzi sat back in her chair at the kitchen table. She was wearing a short pink satin robe, loosely tied by the matching sash at her waist, exposing her cleavage nearly fully. The full, firm, and round mounds are part of what made her famous, and it helped that she didn’t need a bra. Her girls’, and of course the rest of her Playboy magazine model-worthy body, plus her propensity to show her charms off during her broadcast news shows. The rest of her attire consisted of white Louboutin stiletto heels, matching stockings, a lace garter belt and frilly white thong. The fact she was dressed to entertain was lost on her husband at the moment.

“Zack… I’ve been transferred.” Suzi replied matter-of-factly in her soft voice. Another feature that made her a porn favorite. Her soft voice had a sex-kitten allure, and helped build that ‘total-woman’ persona that made her famous. Suzi had been actively participating in a number of interracial-porn movies, only she wasn’t fully aware of it, thanks to the ‘Rhino Effect’ from the various electronic devices. In fact, Suzi’s own device, her cell-phone, sat on the kitchen counter, charging, a replacement for the phone that had been broken earlier at work.

“This is just the facts of my career.” Suzi added. “Since my salary is almost four-times yours, I think your career can take a back-seat to mine. So you basically have a choice to make. Come with me to San Diego, or stay here and try and make it on your own. I know you are good at what you do. Someone should hire you, if you don’t stay at Rhino.”

Zack steeled himself, and worked canlı bahis to control his growing temper. He was also employed by RMM, as an accountant. It was a job he had a talent for, despite it being boring at times. What was lost on him was that his wife had helped him get that job, and an ensuing promotion. Suzi instinctively knew how to get what she wanted with a smile, or a delicately-flirting caress. Or, when her cell-phone was engaged, her thong dropped to the floor as well as herself.

“Alright… alright… You win.” Zack admitted resignedly. “I’ll go, but I have to put in my transfer request. I can only hope that we will be transferred together.”

Suzi’s cell-phone had signaled a full charge, and emitted a glorious color display, and humming softly. The tensions that had been growing in the room were now being suffused, owing to the charms of the phone and the Rhino Effect. There was a side-effect, however. It made Suzi start to have lewd thoughts, her body being plundered by a black man, or even men. She had stopped being picky. Even the who was not so much a matter anymore, as long as the man was black.

Suzi sniffed at her husband as she rose to her heels and brushed her robe down, and adjusted to her petite frame. The robe still did a wonderful job of revealing her ample bosom, and displayed almost indecent cleavage, and yet hung just far enough below her rear-end to provide a flirty flip with every step. Her modesty was covered by the overlapping silky material, but a hint of breeze, and everyone would see she was a natural redhead. But then, so had everyone who had seen one of her ‘special’ broadcasts.

“I’m going for a walk. I need to get some fresh air, and have some quiet time. I’ll be back in a little bit.” She then made a more careful inspection of the kitchen.

“You are getting better at cleaning the kitchen. You can go to bed, and I’ll be back.” Her soft voice had been almost a command, rather than an offering. With that she reached over and took her now-charged phone and strutted her way out, leaving her husband to stand there, watching his wife and sex-fantasy leave him at home.

“Damn he pisses me off…” I grumbled aloud, before keeping my thoughts to myself. Here I was, providing a substantial income for us, and all he could do was bitch, bitch, bitch about his job, and before that, his needs, and before that how unsatisfied he was with our arrangement. Hell the damn thing was his idea to start with!

I continued to walk, and took a left turn at the end of the driveway. I glanced at my phone, to see what time it was, swiping it on, and seeing that it was, indeed, after 1:00 AM.

“Ah, well… part of the life of late-night TV…” I sighed resignedly. I began to feel calmer, as the gorgeous color schemes on my phone covered the screen, and I felt better. I was more relaxed, even care-free. I had a smile, as I remembered my late-morning meeting. It had been kindly scheduled late-enough so I could get some sleep before having to go in today. Or was that yesterday?


“Thank you, Mr. Botha. I am as surprised as you are about how well the prison expose` went. I can’t believe I am getting a thirty-three percent rating, and a forty-percent share!”

Oskar sat across the massive desk from me, the rich mahogany reflecting not only his visage, but also his status. He was now a wealthy and very powerful man. I had even heard rumors of political aspirations. I wondered if he would need a press secretary, if he ran for office? But the thought died when he spoke.

“Indeed, Suzi, we are quite happy with your… performance. You draw in a significant market share in your time-slot, and are decimating the nightly network news. The next phase in making you a success is to move you to a bigger market, where you will have more impact…”

I remember smiling widely at that! What news anchor doesn’t want more and bigger audiences? Besides, San Diego was a great town! I was born near there, and looked forward to seeing family, old friends, and who knows, maybe an old boyfriend. It wasn’t a big family secret that I had let the real man of my dreams get away, but instead had focused on my career. I couldn’t blame Erik, for he had his own bright future in professional sports. But I wouldn’t be the wife of a pro-football star. I had heard too many things about the players not staying true to their wives, with the hordes of women literally throwing themselves at the men on away games.

My parents were, secretly, thrilled, I think. Oh, they were cordial, and even pleasant towards him. But we came from an upscale background, and Erik, not so much. He was definitely an athlete, and handsome, but between his lower social-status and his very dark skin, he was not high on the list of potential suitors my parents would have approved of. Zack, however, was much more to their liking.

I was trying to focus on Mr. Botha’s wisdom, when things sort of went blank for a while. The next thing bahis siteleri I remember was my knees were sore, and I had a salty taste in my mouth. If I didn’t know better, I would swear it was semen. I have given my fair share of blowjobs to men in the past. Especially Erik, when we couldn’t find enough privacy for some real shared pleasure.

Zack? I could only remember twice. Once was only memorable because it was in the limousine on our way to our wedding reception, and the other was when we were dating and having to sneak in a little fun in the closet at his work. It was tiny, but where there is a will there is a way. It also helped that Zack was hung like a puppy. Four inches, max. But these times where my knees were sore, and I had the strange taste in my mouth seemed to becoming more frequent. I made a note to see a doctor, once I hit California.


My reverie was interrupted by the sound of laughter. I hadn’t realized just how far I had come, but I was very far from home. It was over a mile, easily. If I didn’t wear stilettos all day, my feet would be killing me, but I had long ago learned not only how to select the right fit for me, but also how to properly walk in them. I paused in mid-stride, and peered into the darkness. I heard the voices, male, and at least two of them. For some reason, I followed the concrete path between two houses, and towards a small park and play area. The fact I was wearing next to nothing meant little to me. It was the sounds of my heels on the pavement that suddenly caused them to hush, with the very audible “Shhhh! Someone’s here!” hissed out.

I stepped more clearly into view, the odd lighting creating shadows that hid whomever was talking. I was so relaxed; I wasn’t even worried about anyone seeing too much. I felt totally at ease, with my cell-phone in my hand, and it humming along softly. I enjoyed how it felt holding it, and the colors were really pretty to see. I was the only one standing in the light, and didn’t care a bit. I smiled, and spoke easily.

“Hi! What’s up?”

This brought two young men out into the open. Both of them were easily five or more years my junior. One wore jeans and a muscle shirt, only he was white and minus the muscles. The other was wearing a dark track suit and hoodie. I couldn’t tell much about him, at first. I could feel them undressing me with their eyes, and for some reason my nipples started to grow, showing through the thin pink satin covering them.

“S’up with you?” The white man started out.

Both men were approaching me, yet I stood my ground. It would be nice to have someone to talk to, who wouldn’t whine and bitch about his day. Like counting numbers and using an adding machine was stressful. Sheesh!

“Oh, I’m just out for a walk, and some quiet time. I work late, so sometimes it takes a while to relax and go to sleep.” It felt odd saying that, because I was feeling even more relaxed. I love my phone!

By now, both young men were within arm’s reach of me, as I stood proudly, shifting my hips to show a bent knee, and a hand on my hip. I could still feel them looking at me, and I was growing warmer, inside.

The white guy continued speaking. “Oh? Ain’t seen you out this way before.”

My eyes shifted between them as I spoke.

“Actually, I usually don’t go out this far, but my husband really pissed me off, so I am taking an extra-long walk. I hope he will be in bed by the time I get there.”

“Oh… you don’t wanna’ screw yer old man, huh?” The other man said. His hand reached out and felt the sleeve of my robe with the back of his fingers. My blue eyes could tell he was black. His voice was a bit deeper, and definitely harder in tone. It made me think of a gang-member, or that prison convict I had interviewed the other day.

“Not tonight, that’s for sure…” I had to agree. I wanted Zack to touch me like I wanted to have a colonoscopy.

The white guy chimed in. “Well, we can help with that…”

His own hand reached out, and started to caress my side, again, with the back of his hand. I don’t know why, but every time I wore satin, and I wore it a lot, guys just couldn’t keep their hands off of me! I smiled, one of my patented TV news smiles. I did it so often, it was almost instinct.

“Tell you what, Handsome…” I couldn’t really see his features clearly, but why risk offending someone who could potentially be my neighbor? “I’ll give you a kiss, just for not being a jerk.”

I leaned over towards him, and puckered my lips, aiming for his. I was intending a brief peck on his lips, just something to give him a thrill. I expected to do the same next with the black guy. But that isn’t what happened.

I felt my lips caress the white man’s, and his mouth opened, his tongue beginning to work on my mouth. He wanted to open my lips and kiss me more passionately. It was just a kiss, so I figured ‘what the Hell, why not?’, and kissed him back. It was long, and passionate, and I could feel bahis şirketleri my chest heaving as I breathed deeply. I also felt two more hands on me, from behind. The non-existent coverage of my thong was baring my butt to whomever it was, but I was guessing he was young, black, and from the feeling, definitely bigger than my husband. Hands were on my hips, reaching softly under my robe, and caressing my skin. All the while I started to feel a slight bumping from behind, rhythmic and constant.

I let out a mew, as the kiss had grown quite steamy, indeed, and I was surrendering to it. My kisser was getting into it as well, as his hands began to slide over my breasts, feeling them through the silky satin robe. By now my nipples were rock hard, and almost painfully erect. My own hands reached to his neck, and just as my fingers enclosed about him, I saw a flash of light through my closed eyes, and the kiss broke off immediately!

“Shit… the cops!” my white knight exclaimed hoarsely. With that he was nothing but a memory, as he was far more fleet of foot, and had a better read on the situation than I had.

“Wait… wha?” was all I got out as I stood taller, only to feel a hand on my wrist, and start to pull me off into the park area.

“We need a place to hide!” The dark voice intoned darkly. “I got a record!” His pull got insistent, and I found myself starting off after him.

“Wait!” I called out in a hiss. “Other way… we can use my house!”

He took my advice and switched past me, nearly tripping me off my heels, until I could catch up. I still can’t run in heels, but I can move along pretty smartly. We also had a good jump on the police. It slowly began to dawn on me how bad it would be to be caught by the police. “Famous TV reporter caught in lewd acts in public!” That would be the headline, and every one of my competitors would be flashing that as the lead story, followed by my mugshot, most likely. The thoughts spurred me on faster, until my sultry gait was a rapid-fire staccato of clip-clopping heels on the back sidewalk that went behind our tract housing. My robe had, by now, fallen wide open, and I did nothing to cover myself. My free hand was held by the black man, and my other held my precious cell-phone.

I had no idea how far we had traveled, though I knew we were on a shortcut back to my place. I actually liked the greenbelt and park behind my home, but since we didn’t have a gate to access it, going out there was a major event. Well, this counted. In this case, after a while, we were pretty certain we had gotten away and were now slowed to walking. We were wordless as we still stalked along behind the rows of dark houses, interrupted by the occasion dog suddenly barking at us, as if we were intruders. That brought on a short spurt of faster moving, before slowing down again. Finally we reached the only house with the lights blazing. My place.

He stopped and turned to face me, and grabbed me by both shoulders, and then kissed me. Harder, and more passionately than his friend had, and my lips parted willingly to accept his tongue. I lifted mine to meet his, and we wrestled, heads turning and swiveling, my soft voice purring as I felt so wonderful. Filled with energy and passion, I was kissing him back, and my every sense was on edge. I could smell my own juices as our lips broke, but the kiss kept on going, our tongues slathering over each other in plain sight. He just felt so right; I could not get enough of him. But now that we were at my place, I could fix that. I finally tapped his chest with both my a flat palm softly, while my cell-phone hummed in the other.

“Listen, we need to get inside. How can we get over the fence?” I asked him softly. We were still trapped on public property.


Then I almost let out a loud squeal, as he hefted me in both arms, and lifted me up to his shoulders. Using my own hands, I was able to help him as he pushed me higher, until I was able to swing my legs over and then carefully fall to the grass, landing on my butt, unable to stop a muffled laughing. As I sat there, my legs open and my robe draping from one shoulder, he easily swung his legs up and over with an obviously practiced ease. He landed like a cat on the prowl, low and ready to spring in any direction. We made eye contact and I could sense a bit of uncertainty in his eyes. I reached up to him, and he pulled me to my heels. Using my free hand to brush my butt off, I led him down the side to my garage, and softly opened the door, waving him in behind me, smiling.

“It’s okay. You are safe here, the police won’t find you, I promise. C’mon.”

I led him inside, and across the living room, and stopped at the den. That was where I saw my husband still awake, but changed into his white chiffon robe. I was guessing he might be naked underneath. He had taken to wearing more and more feminine clothes, and while it bothered me, I was reaching the point of not wanting to do something about it. It wasn’t like his dick could do much for me anymore. It actually made some sense that he would wear panties, and I was actually happy he had stopped borrowing mine. I suspected my soiled ones weren’t always from my wearing them!

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