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“Control… control…” Nick assured himself in a low hiss as he quietly fanned his legs and waited at a traffic junction. The traffic was heavy and scary and he wondered if he’d be able to finish up his shift in ten hours. He leaned onto the wheel and jiggled a leg, praying that the lights would turn green sooner. He just couldn’t wait for this day to end, so that he could finally report to the manager and take a much needed leak.

It was a rule that every employee had to report to their respective managers after work. The employee would be scanned to check the contents of their bladder. That was what determined their pay for the day. It had to clock in at minimum 101% to be eligible for pay. The lesser the content, the lesser the pay.

Some employees would try to pull a fast one. Some of them would conveniently open the door and urinate onto the streets, or into a bottle. Then they would drink plenty of fluids to fill up their bladders. But this became problematic as passengers were forced to wait inside the bus till the driver filled up.

Some on the other hand would lose control and wet their light grey pants during work. canlı bahis But with their new technology, all that stopped. The latching device, which latched onto their crotches to start the engine was programmed to let go only at the end of their shift. Till then, they had no go but to hold in all fluids. For those unfortunate many who couldn’t control their bladders, the device would alarm the respective manager back at the office. The employee would then be summoned and dealt with accordingly.

So here was Nick, desperate to pee, fanning his legs to keep in the contents. That was all he could do. He wanted to hold himself and give his throbbing cock a hard squeeze. To relieve the intense pressure. But with the device over his member, there was nothing he could do other than squirm in his seat. “Come on hurry,” he groaned and bounced on his toes. The feeling of an immovable device over his aching cock was so uncomfortable. He badly needed to piss and there was nothing he could do to control the terrible ache in his bladder and penis.

He squeezed his legs together, held onto his seat and edged vigorously as he felt the urine at the tip of his cock, pushing bahis siteleri hard to get out. “Ssss… aahh…. Mmm…. God I need to pee so bad…” he hissed quietly.

A passenger, a beautiful woman in her late 20’s, sitting right across him, saw this. In fact, she had been watching him for quite a while. Months, rather. She used to board this bus daily just to see Nick. Just to get a clear view of his big and beautiful cock. His bloated bladder and his desperate squirms. She wildly fantasized on the day she could cradle that moist, throbbing cock in her mouth and suck it. She would finger herself dreaming of spending the night with him in her. And tonight, she was determined to make it happen.

She watched him relax a bit and settle on to his seat. Possibly, the strong wave of desperation that had hit him a while ago had died down. For the time being! Yet, he continued to fan his legs, just to relieve the uncomfortable fullness in his bladder.

Nick straightened up a bit as the signal turned green. He began to drive with a sweaty sheen all over his face. His eyes turned watery as another huge wave of desperation hit him. He knew that he had reached bahis şirketleri his threshold. Sooner or later, he would end up pissing himself. His bladder was full. Beyond capacity. He could hold no more and wanted to pee.

She watched him jump abruptly on his seat as the first squirt escaped from his penis.

“Shit!” He hissed and began to bounce on his bottom in a desperate attempt to control himself. Though it was pointless, he still held onto the latching device. He so badly wanted to hold his dick and squeeze it.

The woman was close enough to overhear a loud but short lived rushing sound. The sound of hot urine squirting long and hard into his briefs. Nick clamped his legs shut and clenched his abdomen and bladder, trembling all over in the desperate attempt to lock in the urine. He couldn’t even drive. All what he could do was struggle! Struggle to hold in the large amounts of piss in his bladder.

The latching device beeped twice as his urine soaked through his briefs and began to show up on his pants as a large wet spot.

The woman got up, came over and stood beside him. Nick threw a quick glance at her as she slid a hand over his leg and on the premises of his crotch. She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “Don’t give up. Hold on. And I’ll reward you well tonight.”

Nick looked into her eyes briefly and noticed them twinkling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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