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This story is fantasy, use your imagination.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. – John Lennon


When I got back, the bitches were in the family room. I noticed a pair of pantyhose and also a black, swimsuit looking thing on the couch next to Mom.

“Come sit down Wimpy, Jenny and I have a couple of ideas to run by you,” Mom said.

They suggested that if I wanted to wear long pants, I should put on pantyhose first. They had a pair of light support (but still very sheer) pantyhose sitting there as an example.

“All you would need to do is tuck your cock down one of the pantyhose legs. The stretchy nylon will hold it against your leg. Then with some slightly baggy pants over it, you should be okay.”

Jenny was quiet as Mom explained all this. I wondered silently if she knew about my fascination with cross dressing, just like she knew about my nylon and high heel fetish.

“But if you want to wear shorts, you can wear this,” Mom said, holding up the black garment.

“What exactly is that?” I asked. Although I knew exactly what it was.

“It’s a body briefer. Woman wear them to make themselves look trimmer. All you would need to do is hold your cock against your stomach and chest, and then pull this on over it. The body briefer will hold your cock against your chest, then wear a baggy shirt over it!”

“Mom, you realize when I hold my cock up against my chest, it almost comes to my chin, right?”

An audible moan from slut sister.

“Your shirt will cover that Wimpy, don’t worry. Let’s try it!”

“What the fuck,” I thought. I was so over this.

I stood up, stripped off my clothes and took the body briefer from Mom. I loved the feel of it! I went to step into the briefer and struggled a bit, my cock flopping around out of control. In a flash, Jenny was there, holding my cock against my chest so I could pull the briefer on. Such a helpful baby sister. I smiled inwardly, she still smelled like my cum. I pulled the body briefer on and walked around a bit to see if my cock would stay in place. The head of my cock poked over the top of the body briefer, but besides that, it seemed to be held firmly in place.

“What do you think Wimpy?” Mom asked.

“Seems to work. I guess I can live with this.”

“Great! I’ll buy you some body briefers of your own and also some pantyhose in your size. How does that sound?”

I looked over at Jenny, she was smirking. She knew. Somehow the bitch knew I was into wearing woman’s clothes. Maybe she found those panties I had stashed in my bottom drawer. Who cares now, my life is no longer my own it seems.

“That’s fine Mom, whatever.”

“Also, Wimpy, I think you owe your sister an apology.”

“An apology!? What for??”

“Well, you shot your cum all over her when she wasn’t ready for it. You really caught her by surprise and it probably scared her. You also got cum all over her pantyhose and high heels, so you’ll need to clean those.”

Jenny stood there with her arms crossed, that shit-eating grin on her face again. I turned toward her.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“Sorry for what Wimpy?” Mom continued.

Looking at Jenny again, “Sorry for spraying you with my cum when you weren’t ready.”

“That’s okay Wimpy, next time I’ll be ready!” Jenny said with a satisfied smile.

Mom continued, “Besides Wimpy, I think it’s cute that Jenny wants to have sex with her brother! You should take it as a compliment.”

“I think it’s a little perverted if you want to know the truth.”

“No one needs to know beside the three of us,” Mom said casually. “So Wimpy, we need to set a few ground rules now that you have that nice cock. Since Jenny and I are responsible for you having that wonderful specimen, we think we should have unlimited access to your cock. We want to use your cock whenever, wherever, and however we please. Don’t you think this is a fair arrangement?”

That did it. I officially had no life of my own anymore. I just shrugged, not knowing what to say at the moment. If I said ‘No’, she’d probably kick my ass and enjoy my cock anyway. Might as well save an ass whooping.

“We’re also not done with our testing. We need to determine if that huge blast of cum was just bottled up inside you for 19 years; or is that the way you will always ejaculate. We need to check your stamina as well, how long you can last. And finally, free spin and most importantly, we need to see how quickly you can re-load and go again. I think we already know that you need nylons and high heels to get hard, that’s a given.”

“Tell him about our signal Mom!”

“Oh, right. Another ground rule. Whenever you see either, or both of us in nylons and high heels, that means we’re ready,” Mom casually explained.

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to use our cock.”

“Our cock?? What the hell does that mean?”

“Well like I said, we’re responsible for you having it in the first place. So, we have partial ownership of it. And, I should point out, we have the majority ownership since we out rule you two to one.”

My head was spinning. This whole situation was rapidly getting out of control. First a laboratory rat, now it seems I was to be their live in gigolo. I may leave this fucking house before college if I can save enough money for rent somewhere!

I was reeling and Jenny could tell. She went for the kill.

“Mom I think maybe he should wear both the body briefer and a pair pantyhose pretty much all the time,” Jenny offered. “That way he has the option to tuck his cock either up against his chest or down his leg.”

I was still wearing the black spandex body briefer. Mom held out the pantyhose to me.

“Excellent idea Jenny! Slip these on Wimpy.”

I sat down on the couch and pulled the pantyhose up each leg.

“Wow, have you done this before Wimpy?” Jenny asked, feigning innocence.

I ignored her, the best I could anyway. When I stood up, Mom looked me up and down.

“Perfect! Just remember in the future that the pantyhose go on first, then the body briefer over them.”

“Of course, Mom, anything else?”

“No, were done with you until we start the testing.”

I turned to walk away and head for the refuge of my bedroom.

“Oh Wimp-eee.” Jenny called in her baby voice.

I slowly turned around.

She stood there, holding out her cummy pantyhose and sticky high heels.

“You need to clean these, remember?”

I grabbed the stockings and heels and scooted upstairs.

I could hear them both laughing as I closed the door to my room. I was fuming. I felt like filling both of her high heel pumps with my load, and then set them on her nightstand. But the slut would probably enjoy it, plus I’d get my ass beat by Mom.

After chilling for a while, I went into my bathroom, got a wet washcloth, and cleaned my cum off her high heels. I then filled the sink with warm water and some shampoo, rinsed out her sticky pantyhose, and then let them soak for a while. As I was finishing up, there was a light tap on my bathroom door. Jenny stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, she leaned back against the door.

I looked her up and down. As promised, she was wearing one of her short pleated tennis skirts, her red one. She had on sheer, black, high gloss stockings; the skirt was so short I could see the garter straps attached to the top of her stockings. She had on black patent leather, pointy toe high heel pumps, my favorite. No bra, but just a sheer black, nylon, see through top. She had even done her make up.

“Are you trying to kill me?” I asked, only half joking.

My cock was expanding by the second inside the body briefer, now an automatic reaction when seeing nylons and heels!

She took a step toward me. She extended one hand and began rubbing my cock through the spandex material of the body briefer. She had even put on perfume!

“I just love the new you Wimpy.” She cooed as she continued to rub my cock.

She then grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me, deeply, tongue and all. She smelled really good!

“I really want us to get a lot closer going forward, okay Wimpy?”

She took one of my hands and placed it on her tit. Instinctively, I began massaging it. My heart was beating rapidly. I knew this was wrong, but God, it felt so good!

“This is a dream come true for me Wimpy. You know how excited you get when you see a woman in nylons and high heels?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, multiply that by 100 and that’s how I feel about cocks. I just love cocks and need them all the time. And now, thank my lucky stars, I have the largest cock in the whole world right here!” she said as she continued rubbing my bonus veren siteler now hard cock through the spandex body briefer.

She had that dazed, ‘in a trance’ look on her face again. She continued staring into my eyes.

“I don’t really plan on sharing you with Mom, but she doesn’t know that yet. She will soon.”

She was starting to freak me out a little bit, I wasn’t sure where she was going with this whole thing.

“I can help you with your fetish Wimpy. I’ll wear nylons and heels whenever you want, just ask, okay?”

“Ummm, okay, sure.”

“And there’s something else, isn’t there Wimpy?”

I didn’t respond but knew what she was getting at. More rubbing.

“You like to dress up like a girl, don’t you Wimpy?”

She began running her fingers through my hair.

“It’s okay Wimpy. I know all about it. I’ll help you with that too. We can play dress up together. And then we can both enjoy your cock, okay Wimpy?”

Now she leaned in and nibbled my ear. I didn’t think I could get any harder, but I did. She was now rubbing her stockinged leg against my pantyhose, God it felt heavenly! She whispered in my ear.

“There’s one other thing I need your help with Wimpy. Will you help your baby sister Wimpy?”

“Ok, sure, what is it?”

“You know how you have become my clean up boy after my boyfriends would visit?”


“Well, I did that because I’m very Dominant Wimpy. I love submissive guys who will do whatever I tell them to. Will you be my submissive Wimpy? Will you do whatever I tell you to?”

My head was spinning again. I was putty in her hands and she knew it. Such a manipulative bitch! She moved me aside and sat up on the bathroom counter, crossing her pretty legs. She let her pump dangle from her foot, and then slowly, seductively, began moving her foot around and bouncing the heel up and down. She stared at me the whole time, assessing my reaction.

She smiled that evil grin and said, “Will you kiss my foot if I tell you to Wimpy? Will you massage my feet while I wear nylons?”

This time, the audible moan came from me. I caved; I couldn’t fight this anymore. I kneeled down in her front of her, my new queen and mistress, my baby sister. I lovingly removed her dangling high heel and brought my lips to her beautifully manicured toes. Ever so slowly, I ran my tongue over her nylon covered arch. The sheer black nylon, so smooth, so sexy, so hot!

She smiled, “That’s my little slave. Good boy. Men are so worthless except for their cocks, don’t you agree Wimpy?”

I nodded in agreement.

“Men are only good for pleasing a woman, assuming she gives him proper direction. Don’t you agree?”

Another nod of agreement.

“You and I are going to have a lot of fun together Wimpy. All you have to do is obey and follow my orders. No hesitation or questions. You understand that right?”

“Yes Miss Jenny.”

She smiled at the title I had just voluntarily bestowed on her.

“Good, I’m glad we have that settled.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what I had just agreed to, but knew I would find out soon. I do know WHY I agreed to it, however. I have been at odds with my Mom and sister all my life it seemed; I’m tired of fighting them. If being her submissive was the only way to have a nice relationship, then what the hell, I’m in.

“And another thing Wimpy. You won’t have to worry about Mom hassling you anymore, I’m going to put that bitch in her place. Doesn’t that sound wonderful Wimpy?”

I didn’t really understand what she meant, but I did like the sound of it!

“Yes, that would be nice Miss Jenny.”

“Mom thinks we’re going to share your cock, but we’re not. I’m going to keep it all for me. I may let her use it now and then, but only when I say so.”

She put her stockinged foot in the middle of my face, covering my mouth and nose. I could faintly smell the leather from her high heel pump, so nice! She rubbed it there for a bit, then pushed me away.

“We can’t have you cumming yet. It’s time to finish your testing.”

She took me by the hand and led me downstairs where Mom was waiting.

“Mom, Wimpy and I just had a nice little chat. We’ve come to an arrangement in our relationship.”

“Oh…what’s that?”

“He’s agreed to be my pet, my slave. He’ll do anything I ask him to. Won’t you Wimpy?”

Mom looked deneme bonusu veren siteler at me with raised eyebrows.

“Wow, that was sudden! Jenny you can be very persuasive!”

In response to Jenny’s question, I softly said, “Yes Miss Jenny.”

Mom smiled, “How lovely! This will make things so much easier!”

“I’ll have a reward for you soon Wimpy because you so readily agreed to be my pet. I like to take care of my slaves,” Jenny said to me.

“Do you have more than one slave?” I asked naively.

“Not yet,” glancing at Mom and looking her in eye. “But soon.”

I looked at Mom. She apparently chose to let Jenny’s comment slide by or didn’t understand it. Either way, she didn’t respond, she just smiled.

We have a large island in the middle of our kitchen, with five barstools on one side. While Jenny was upstairs seducing me, Mom was setting up for the remaining cock tests. She had lined up all the barstools to the middle of the floor. Two stools were pushed side by side, then a gap of about 10-12 inches, then the remaining three barstools were also pushed side by side.

They had me lay, stomach down, across the five barstools. The two stools supported my legs, the three stools supported my upper body and head. They had me position my cock in the 10-12 inch gap between the two groups of stools. So, as I laid on my stomach, my hard cock pointed right at the floor.

“Get the milk pitcher Mom and place it right under the head of his cock,” Jenny directed.

My cock was so long, even laying on the barstools it came pretty close to the floor. After Mom positioned the milk pitcher under me, my cock was just above the rim of the pitcher, ready to dump my load without spilling a drop.

“We’re going to test your cum ejaculation again Wimpy,” Jenny said. “This time, we’ll be ready for it and catch it all. Based on last time, I think we won’t have any worries about you pumping out at least a third of a cup of cum. After we catch your first load, I’ll set the timer on my phone for five minutes and we’ll try and make you cum again. This will give us a good feel for how quickly you can reload. If you reload within five minutes, then that sort of makes the stamina question moot.”

I just nodded, “Yes Miss Jenny.”

“Ok Mom start stroking that big thing,” Jenny directed again.

I couldn’t help but notice that Jenny seemed to be running the show now. Mom was willingly doing what Jenny told her to do, at least so far.

Mom slowly stroked my horse cock up and down, aiming it at the milk pitcher. I felt like a cow being milked in a barn! Jenny stood near my head at the end of the bar stools. While Mom stroked me, Jenny slowly lifted her tennis skirt, inches away from my mouth. She wasn’t wearing panties and her cunt looked delicious.

“Would you like to taste your baby sister’s pussy?” she asked seductively. “Not like it’s the first time though, right Wimpy?”

“Yes Miss Jenny.”

She started fingering herself, then stuck her fingers in my mouth. I greedily licked and sucked them. Mom continued her stroking of my cock; this wouldn’t take long. Jenny moved closer and began rubbing her now dripping cunt all over my face. She just kept rubbing it, up and down, getting herself off.

“Let us know when you’re about to cum Wimpy.”

Mom’s stroking of my cock increased. “I’m getting ready to cum!” I yelled.

Jenny stepped back away from my face to watch my explosion of cum into the glass milk pitcher. My cum went straight into the pitcher as Mom held it close to the head of my cock. As before, my ejaculation was a steady flow of cum, no spurts, just a stream of the thick, gooey cum.

Jenny rubbed my head. “Good boy Wimpy, very nice!”

After 15-20 seconds of cumming, Mom stood up, showing the pitcher of cum to Jenny. It was about a third full, probably 3-4 cups worth of cum at least! What happened next was nothing short of surreal.

Jenny took the pitcher of cum from Mom.

“Kneel down Mom,” Jenny directed.

“What? What do you mean?”

Jenny slapped Mom hard across the face.

“Bitch, I said kneel down and I mean it!” Jenny snarled.

Mom and Jenny were standing face to face, eye to eye. This was a pivotal moment; Mom was going to either fight back or submit.

“Jenny, surely you don’t mean that?” Mom said with a hint of pleading in her voice.

Whap! Another slap across Mom’s face! Holy shit! I watched this bizarre scene, now sitting up on a bar stool.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Mom knelt down in front of Jenny. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Jenny had that evil grin on her face. What happened next was even more bizarre!

To be continued…

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