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Kim was very excited that she would be seeing her friend Ashley again. It felt like it had been such a long time and they had a lot of catching up to do. She had been busy all day preparing the house for her friend’s arrival, cleaning each room and fixing a nice dinner. When everything was done she sat down to catch her breath when a knock came to the door.

She opened the door and was greeted by Ashley. Wow, she looked a lot different. Long brown hair, brown eyes, medium weight. She realized she was checking her out and looked away.

“Ashley! How’ve you been?” Kim exclaimed, embracing her friend.

“I’m great, Kim, I’ve been looking forward to this visit for a long time.”

They chatted for a long time over mindless things like past boyfriends and decided to go for a swim. Kim directed Ashley to the bathroom to get changed, and went in after her.

As she unhooked her bra, she noticed Ashley’s panties in her bundle of clothes on the floor. She remembered how she had looked, and without thinking, picked up the panties.

She began to turn them inside out when she dropped them, realizing what she was doing. She had never had a lesbian thought in her life. But, before she knew it, she picked them back up again and stared at them.

They were very warm. She had the thought of this being wrong again, but she couldn’t resist. She brought them to her face and rubbed them there, shoving her face in the warm crotch area. Two of her fingers reflexively went down her own white cotton panties and found her pussy.

She stopped herself again, not understanding why she was acting like this. She was not a sexual person at all, and had only had sex with two different guys. She returned the panties to their place and changed into her swimsuit. She went to the pool confused, but overall still turned on.

Ashley was a vision of beauty in her bathing suit. It exposed much of her 34 C breasts and long tan legs.

They swam for over an hour. Kim found herself going underwater to sneak peeks of Ashley’s illegal bahis large, tight, beautiful ass. She made sure to not be obvious in any of her peekings.

They changed, went inside, and ate dinner. They watched TV for awhile, but Ashley was tired from her trip and went to bed in the guestroom.

Kim lay in her own bed, thinking about the day. Ashley had looked so sexy, and she couldn’t get enough looks at her. She began to finger herself again while developing fantasies in her head, but interrupted herself. She decided she wanted to go see her again.

She slowly walked down the hall and gently opened the door. Ashley was sound asleep on her chest. She was completely covered with sheets with her right foot dangling off the side.

Kim wanted to worship every square inch of Ashley’s body, but knew she couldn’t. She decided she would do as best as she could to relieve herself, though.

She crept over to the bed and knelt at the behind it, so she would be will hidden if Ashley awoke. She raised her face right up to Ashley’s foot, and felt the warmth radiating from it. She inhaled deeply and loved the scent. She ran her finger lightly down her sole to see if she would wake up. Ashley didn’t stir. She slowly rubbed her foot, loving the feeling. Every now and then she would gently place her nose between two of her toes and inhale.

Kim began to lose control. This had given her a foot fetish, and any other part of Ashley’s body she could get a hold of she thought would give her one too. Soon she was running her tongue down her sole, savoring the taste. After she started to suck her toes gently one at a time, until she was sucking all five, and fairly loudly.

“Kim?” Ashley’s voce said sleepily. “Is that you?”

Kim froze in horror. She began to feel very ashamed of herself.

“I’m so sorry, Ashley,” she said after a few minutes. “I-I-I don’t know what came over me. I’ll just go back to-“

“No, Kim,” Ashley said. “I’ve been awake for most of it, and to be honest, I’ve loved illegal bahis siteleri it. Please, don’t go.”

Kim couldn’t believe her ears. She still felt ashamed, but the feeling of lust was overcoming it.

“Is it just my feet that attract you?” Ashley asked.

Kim decided to make the best of this and not let herself get embarrassed. “No, Ashley, your whole body makes me so horny. You look like a goddess, and I want to worship your whole body.”

Much to Kim’s disbelief, she saw Ashley’s hand buried in her soaked orange panties.

“Alright, Kim, then that’s what you will do. But I say what you do, where you do it, and when you do it.”

She was apparently taking the dominating role, and it was turning Kim on even more.

“Yes, Ashley, anything,” she said.

“You’ll address me as Mistress, I think,” Ashley said with a giggle.

“Yes, Mistress. What do you request?” Kim asked.

“First I want you to kiss me. I want to taste the remaining taste of my feet from your mouth.”

Kim bent over her and kissed her. She stuck her tongue in Ashley’s mouth and they remained locked like so for five minutes. Ashley then ordered Kim to remove her clothes, then Ashley’s.

She quickly tore off her bra and removed her wet panties. Ashley purred at the sight. She then slipped off Ashley’s bra and pulled off her wet panties. She quickly sucked the wet crotch.

“Lay on the bed,” Ashley ordered.

Kim did so, and Ashley lowered herself with her wet pussy over Kim’s mouth. She sat, with her wet mound on her mouth.

“Now eat me,” she ordered.

Kim wrapped her mouth over Ashley’s luscious pussy. She was very new at all this, and felt very uneasy. She closed her eyes and sucked and licked, loving the taste.

Soon enough, she was met by Ashley’s moans and screams of pleasure. She was getting into the dominating role a lot as she began to call Kim names.

“That’s right, eat my cunt you dirty slut! You better breathe through your nose, because you’re going canlı bahis siteleri to eat my mound until I’m satisfied! Teach you to lick my feet in the middle of the night!”

Kim just moaned loudly, loving every second of this. She sucked her clit madly, wanting to feel Ashley’s pussy juice flow over her face.

“Oh yes, you dirty bitch, eat me! Yessssssss! That’s so goooood!”

Kim grabbed a handful of Ashley’s left tit and gripped another hand on her ass cheek.

Kim never wanted to come out from under her Mistress, but the flow of her juice felt and tasted great. Ashley’s screams added to the pleasure.

“Now you have the other end,” Ashley said. She turned herself around and hovered her heavenly ass over Kim’s face.

Again, Kim felt uneasy. Eat an asshole? She didn’t know how that would be exactly. She was to enrapped in her role as a dirty slut, and could only beg that Ashley sit on her face.

She lowered herself down until Kim was buried in her ass. The thought of Ashley’s large cheeks sitting one her face turned her on to the point of ecstasy. Her fingers went to her pussy, put Ashley removed them and stuck in her own.

Kim couldn’t give a second thought to munching Ashley’s tight hole as her fingers entered her pussy. She extended her tongue and lapped at her rosebud like a dog.

“Oh yes, Kim, eat out my butt you bitch,” Ashley screamed. “Eat out my asshole! Lick it! Oh yesssssss!”

Ashley was enjoying the anal attention very much as she bobbed up and down on Kim. The slapping sound of her ass cheeks on Kim’s face turned them both on very much. Kim brought both of her arms around so she could fondle and play with Ashley’s tits. As she licked faster, Ashley’s fingers entered her pussy faster. The taste was so sweet and she hoped the moment would never end. Eventually Ashley climaxed again, and the feeling of it again cause Kim to orgasm out of control, spilling her juices everywhere. Ashley quickly bent herself over, licking up all she could like a dog.

Oh my God, Kim, that was incredible,” Ashley said between gasps.

“Mmmmmmmm,” was all Ashley could reply.

” I need to give you something in return… tomorrow will be your night, and you’ll never forget it, I promise.” Ashley said with a smirk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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