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Copyright © 2019 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Author’s Note: A short flash story about four people trapped at work in a snowstorm.

A Bad Day at Work

Trudging from her car to the office in the cold winter snow, Susan shivered as the blowing snow found its way down her collar. Stamping her feet in the vestibule, Susan shook her hands, trying to get warm blood down to them. It wasn’t all that cold out, just cold enough to keep the snow from turning to rain. Shaking her hair out, she entered the office.

Looking around she didn’t see anyone in reception, although several people’s cars were in the lot. Shrugging, she went back to her office. On the way, she heard strange moaning noises coming from one of the exam rooms. Thinking a patient had been left alone, Susan opened the door without knocking.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she gasped finding her colleague, Michelle, on the exam table with Henry, one of the med-techs, between her spread legs, pounding a fair-sized cock into her wet pussy.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Michelle yelled, “I thought you said you locked the door?”

“Christ, I’m so sorry Doctor, damn!”

The last word he uttered as he ejaculated all over Michelle’s blouse. Susan had to laugh as she backed out of the exam room. Now her best friend would smell of sex all day.

Sitting in her office because not one patient had made it to the clinic, because of the snowstorm, Susan was talking with Michelle.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Susan asked her.

“You know me, I was thinking with my pussy as usual.”

“Does George know?”

“Not about Henry.”

“But he knows about the others?”

“Some of them,” Michelle said coyly.

“What drives you to be such a whore?” Susan asked shocked at her friend.

“I liked getting fucked, don’t you?” Michelle asked blandly.

“Yes, but I limit myself to my husband,” Susan huffed.

“Then that’s your loss. Henry is a great fuck by the way.”

“Oh do shut up Michelle,” Susan told her squeezing her legs together.

“So do you think we should close up and go home?” Michelle asked.

“Hell even if we left now we probably wouldn’t make it home. I don’t even think my SUV can make it now. Look at it out there, complete whiteout.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m hungry.”

“Oh do shut up.”

Michelle started laughing at her friend. Then Susan started laughing.

“Who is all here today?” Susan asked when she had gotten control of herself.

“Let’s see, there are Henry and Carla… yep, that’s about it. You, me, Henry and Carla.”

“Well, we might as well all go into the conference room…” Susan said, rising and walking from her office. “At least there, we can see the street.”

Michelle hurried to catch up. They ran into Henry and Carla coming out of an exam room.

“Christ, Henry, keep it in your pants longer than ten minutes. In the conference room both of you.”

“Uh, we’re not in any trouble are we?” Henry asked.

“Not unless you get Carla or Michelle pregnant,” Susan laughed.

Michelle laughed at the look on Henry’s face. Carla just shook her head and followed Susan down the hallway.

“Henry, go lock the front door and make sure it’s locked,” Susan yelled over her shoulder. “Then come to the conference room. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Yeah,” Henry said sullenly.

Once in the conference room Susan opened the blinds and stared out the window at the blowing, drifting snow.

“Well we’re not going anywhere for a while,” she said slumping in a chair.

“Nope, not going anywhere,” Michelle repeated staring out the window.

Carla just dropped into a chair exasperated.

“Have you seen what’s going on outside?” Henry asked coming into the conference room.

Susan just nodded, pointing out the window.

“Oh, I guess you have,” Henry said.

“Well, what do we do now?” Carla asked.

“Anyone have a deck of cards?” Michelle asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

“So there isn’t anyone in this whole office that doesn’t have cards in their desk?” Susan asked.

“Oh, I thought you just meant us. Silvia Porter has a deck in her desk,” Henry said.

“Well go get them before we all go out of our minds,” Michelle told him, shooing him with her hands.

Henry rushed out the door.

“How did he ever get hired here?” Susan asked.

“His father is a big contributor to the college,” Carla told them.

“Ah… that would explain it,” Susan said thoughtfully.

“He’s not a bad guy and knows his job, it’s just he seems canlı bahis a little out of his depth in regular situations,” Carla told them.

Henry returned with the cards, took them out of the pack and gave them a shuffle.

“What are we going to play? Texas Hold ’em, seven-card stud, strip poker?”

“In your dreams Henry,” Susan said sternly.

“Fine, seven-card stud, ante one dollar, five dollar limit,” Henry told them.

“Fine, but the ante is a dime and the limit is twenty-five cents,” Susan countered as the others nodded. “Deal.”

For the next two hours, they played cards. Henry was winning, ahead of everyone a whole two dollars.

“You know, I haven’t heard a phone ring once,” Susan said.

Reaching down the table, she pressed the button on the speakerphone. It was silent.

“Shit,” Susan said, reaching into her pocket. She pulled out her cell phone flipping it open and dialing her husband’s number.

“Hello, hello, Mark?” Susan said into her phone. “Yes dear, I’m fine, just trapped at work. No don’t, you’ll never make it here. I’ll just wait until they get the streets clear. Yes, I will. Good-bye dear, I love you too.”

Closing her phone Susan looked outside, the snow was still coming down.

“Mark says the whole city is shut down. He made it to the corner down from the house and got stuck. So he never made it into work,” Susan told everyone.

“George was staying home today anyway,” Michelle said dialing her phone as she left the conference room.

“Carla, would you like to use my phone to call someone?” Susan asked.

“No, that’s okay Doctor Reynolds, I live alone.”



“Never mind,” Susan said shaking her head. Carla just smiled at her.

“Well, are we going to play?” Henry asked.

“Sure what the hell,” Susan sighed.

They had to wait for Michelle but, when she returned, they started playing again. After another hour, they took a break.

“Is there any food around here?” Michelle asked.

“I’m kind of hungry too!” Susan chimed in.

“There are those sandwiches they delivered early this morning for that conference they were going to have today,” Henry told them.

“Where are they?” Michelle asked.

“In the fridge,” Henry told her.

Michelle, Susan, and Carla were gone, leaving Henry in the conference room alone. When the women got to the fridge, they not only found sandwiches but, several bottles of wine. Smiling, Susan grabbed a bottle, looking for a corkscrew.

“Uh, that a twist-off top dear,” Michelle giggled.

“Great, slut,” Susan told her.

Carla gasped at what Susan had just called Michelle.

“Don’t worry, from her that’s a term of endearment,” Michelle told Carla who laughed.

Michelle found some glasses in the cabinet and set them out on the table. Susan filled them, then took a bite of her sandwich, she smiled contentedly.

“There’s nothing like good food, good wine, and good company,” Susan said.

“She really loves me,” Michelle said to Carla.

“I wasn’t talking about you slut!” Susan laughed taking a drink of her wine.

The three of them sat in the break room, eating and drinking. A bottle of wine later, Henry wandered into the break room.

“So this is where you guys got to. Hey where did you get the wine?” he asked going in search of a glass.

Susan just shook her head, grabbing another bottle of wine and heading back to the conference room, Carla and Michelle in tow. Sitting facing the window Susan poured herself another glass of wine setting the bottle down on the table. Michelle took the bottle and poured Carla and herself a glass.

It was so quiet without Henry, they all just sipped their wine and gazed out the window at the beautiful white landscape.

“Its beauty belies its danger,” Michelle whispered.

“It sure does,” Carla said softly.

Susan just sighed taking another sip of wine.

“I just wish I was trapped at home with my husband and daughter,” Michelle sighed.

“Yeah, me too,” Susan said wistfully.

“You stay away from my George,” Michelle said winking at Carla.

“I will not.” Susan laughed.

All three women were a little bit tipsy and started to laugh at almost anything. When Henry finally returned, all three went into hysterics. Henry just looked at them as if they were nuts. For the next half hour, they sat, laughing and drinking.

“Are we going to play cards?” Henry asked.

“Sure, why not,” Susan slurred.

“Strip poker,” Henry said, “each hand one piece of clothing, shoes are one item as are socks.”

“Why not?” Susan laughed.

She hadn’t played strip poker since college and then she had lost her pants, for real. Giggling at the thought, she bahis siteleri watched as Henry dealt the first hand. Susan had a pair of deuces. She tossed three away. When Henry dealt her three new cards, she found she had two pair. When Henry turned over his cards, he had three of a kind. Michelle and Carla had nothing.

All three women tossed in their shoes.

Susan dealt the next hand and Henry won again. The Doctor’s tossed in their lab coats. Carla threw in her socks.

Michelle dealt the next hand and Carla won. Michelle and Susan put their socks on the table. Henry put in his shoes.

Carla dealt the hand and Henry won.

Rubbing her face, Susan balked a little but decided Henry wouldn’t see anymore if they were on the beach. Unbuttoning her shirt, Susan stood pulling it from her slacks. Rising Michelle and Carla did the same.

Smiling at the three women, Henry shuffled the cards. Susan had on a very expensive looking black lace bra. Her large breasts were barely contained. Michelle had on a pink camisole, while Carla had on a plain white bra. To Henry, they all looked stunning.

Henry dealt the cards and won the hand.

Susan swore, throwing her cards down. Standing quickly, she put her thumbs in the waistband of her slacks and pushed them down her shapely legs. Kicking them off her foot, she stood there, picked up her glass of wine and took a long drink.

Henry couldn’t believe his eyes, here was Doctor Reynolds standing in her underwear.

“Damn, you’re beautiful,” Henry said.

“Shut up and deal,” Susan said sitting back down.

Carla and Michelle slipped out of their slacks without standing. Henry didn’t mind, he had already seen them naked and had fantastic sex with them each on a number of occasions.

Susan deals and wins. She giggled as she watched Michelle and Carla slip their panties off their bodies. Henry took his shirt off.

Michelle’s deal and Henry won. Hiding her face in her hands, Susan groaned with embarrassment. Standing she slipped her panties down her legs. Both Henry and Carla were shocked to find she shaved her pussy.

“Slut,” Michelle muttered under breath, Carla cracked up laughing.

Susan just sat down quickly. Michelle and Carla shrugged off their bras.

“Okay, it’s just you and me Doc,” Henry said.

Shivering, Susan nodded.

Carla dealt the hand. Henry won. Sighing Susan unclipped her bra and shrugged it off.

“Stand, please?” Henry asked softly.

Why she did, she’ll never know. Susan stood, proudly pushing out her natural breasts. Henry just stared at her.

“What to get even?” Henry asked.

“Sure, but what’s my bet?” Susan asked.

“Your pussy for all my clothes,” Henry said.

“You’re on, but Michelle deals,” Susan insisted.


Michelle dealt. Susan had a pair of Jacks. She took three and wound up with just the pair. When Henry turned up his cards, Susan groaned in defeat. He had trip threes.

“Up on the table Doctor,” Henry said pointing to the place in front of him.

Gulping down the rest of her wine, Susan took a deep breath and got up on the table. Henry put his hand on the inside of her smooth bare thighs and pushed them open.

“Oh god no,” Susan whimpered.

Henry leaned forward smelling her fragrance. He sighed, leaning closer.

“You smell good,” Henry told her.

Moaning with nervous anticipation, Susan just leaned back on her elbows, resigned to her fate. When Henry’s lips and tongue touched her puffy, inflamed labia, Sue jumped slightly. When Henry started to lick and suck on her sex, she couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. After all, she was drunk and hadn’t had sex for almost a week.

Susan became hotter and hotter the more Henry licked and sucked her pussy. Soon she was groaning in pleasure as her orgasm came closer and closer. Feeling lips and tongues on her nipples, drove her over the edge. Shaking and writhing on the table, Susan cried out her pleasure looking down her body, she spied Michelle looking up at her.

“I always wanted to try this and I have wanted to suck on yours for a long time,” Michelle told her.

Looking over at Carla, she raised her eyebrows, unable to speak.

“I’m bi and you are very beautiful,” Carla said going back to sucking Susan’s nipple.

Looking further down she saw Henry standing, his cock out about to press into her.

“Oh, god no,” Susan yelled.

“A bet is a bet,” Henry said, flipping the tip of his cock against Susan’s slit, “mmm, nice and wet.”

Slowly, Henry pushed into Susan’s body. Susan thought, ‘at least he is a considerate lover.’

Once he was in as far as he could go, he pressed gently into her some more.

“Oh shit!” Susan cried. “Don’t you dare bahis şirketleri cum in me!”

Slowly Henry withdrew from Susan. Then just as slowly, pressed back into her. Henry did this until Susan groaned deep in her chest when he pressed all the way in. Smiling Henry withdrew one more time. Watching Susan’s face, he slammed into her quickly.

“Oh fuck,” Susan shouted.

Pounding into her as fast and as hard as he could, Henry just grinned down at Susan. Eyes wide, mouth hanging open, Susan grunted each time Henry’s dick smashed against her cervix.

“Pretty good fuck, isn’t he?” Michelle asked looking into Susan’s eyes.

“Oh fuck,” Susan cried.

Moaning, Michelle kissed her best friend for the first time. Susan moaned.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time,” Michelle told her going back to suck on Susan’s tits.

Henry was fucking Susan fast and hard, grunting with his exertions. All the while, he was smiling down at Susan. He had finally scored with the best looking Doctor at the clinic. God, he was enjoying this.

For twenty minutes, Henry slammed into Susan’s body. She was having one orgasm after another, as she looked up at Henry in amazement. He was a dynamo. Suddenly, Henry slammed into her and didn’t move. Then he shouted.

“Oh fuck yeah!”

His whole body shook. Susan felt his cock pulse in her body. She cried out in orgasm.

“Fuck!” Susan screamed, bucking her hips against Henry.

Susan felt his semen spread and fill her vagina.

“What part of ‘Don’t cum in me!’ didn’t you understand asshole?” Susan shouted, shaking with another orgasm.

“Don’t worry dear, he’s clean. I ran all the tests myself, before I let him near me,” Michelle told her softly.

“That’s not the point,” Susan cried, pushing Henry away.

“Oh god, no?” Michelle asked.

“Oh god, yes,” Susan answered.

When Henry’s cock popped out of her, his come gushed from her pussy. Jumping down from the table, Susan rushed to the bathroom.

“You dope,” Michelle berated Henry.


“She and Mark are trying to get pregnant, she’s not on any birth control,” Michelle told him, turning to go help her friend.

Henry just stood there an amazed look on his face.

“Then why did she let me?”

“Because you got her drunk and cheated to win,” Carla said looking at Henry in disgust.

Stopping in the supply room, Michelle grabbed some douches off the shelf along with a couple of spermicidal sprays. When she got to the bathroom, Susan was throwing up.

“How could I?” Susan asked sitting on the toilet.

“You were drunk, still are,” Michelle told her, handing her one of the douches.

“What the fuck was I thinking?” Susan asked pressing the nozzle of the douche into herself. “Fuck!” she cried as the liquid filled her insides.

Once the douche was empty, along with Susan’s vagina, Michelle took her hand pulling her long to the closest exam room.

“On the table sweetie and I’ll fill you with this,” Michelle held up the bottle of spermicidal.

Nodding, Susan, without a thought, climbed on the exam table, placing her feet in the stirrups. Carefully, Michelle pushed the nozzle into her friend.

“Ready?” Michelle asked.

“As ever,” Susan whimpered.

Michelle pressed the button and the spermicidal foam shot into Susan. She could feel it expand to fill every nook and cranny of her vagina. Pressing the nozzle in farther, Michelle searched by feel for Susan’s cervix. When she found it, she pushed the nozzle through to Susan’s womb and pressed the button once more. Susan yelped as the foam filled her uterus.

“God, I hope I’m not pregnant, this will kill the embryo,” Susan cried, tears rolling down her face.

“Well if you are, then Henry’s sperm won’t be getting you preggers,” Michelle said sliding the nozzle from Susan. “We’ll just let that work for a while.”

“How did he do it?” Susan asked.

“Do what?”

“Cheat. I was watching him very closely.”

“Ah, I don’t know how to tell you this, but he had help.”

“You didn’t?” Susan shouted at her friend. “I thought you were my friend.”

“I am, Susan, I am.”

“Then how could you?”

“You were the only one that wasn’t a member of Henry’s whores.”


“He’s fucked every woman in the clinic.”

“Everyone? Even Paula?”

“Yep, everyone. You were the last holdout and today just happened.”

“The wine, it was doctored?”



“It was good though, wasn’t it?”

“Right up until he came in me, the stupid bastard.”

“Right, I seem to recall you flopping around in orgasm when that happened.”

“Fuck you slut!”


Susan’s eyes widened with the shock of Michelle’s word. Then she pressed her lips against Michelle’s. She was right, Susan was now a whore and a slut.

“Let’s get this stuff out of you and cleaned up. Carla and I want to eat your pussy.”

# # # #

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