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The woman came to a bar with a group of friends. Nothing special, her ex-husband has their daughter for the weekend and her friends wanted to take her out for some fun or to relax. The truth is she’s not feeling the bar scene tonight. It has been a couple years since the divorce, and she has tried dating just as many times, but both were washouts. Some men try to flirt with her, but she just can’t seem to respond to their advances.

Her girlfriends try to get her to just have fun. You know, a little tit-for-tat action. The thing is she isn’t like that. No, she is a hunter, go-in-for-the-kill-type. She goes for what she wants, she chases or perhaps catch is the better word. She is having fun with her friends- chatting it up about womanhood, talking about dumbass men who don’t have a clue, and the bitches that love ’em.

Then she eyes a specimen at the bar. He seems out of place a bit. Number one, he’s handsome and alone; number two, he is not drinking. She watches him for a while and he does not order a drink and dismisses any that are sent his way or asked. His attire is not noteworthy to her: messy looking work boots, flannel design shirt, and khakis. His braids as well done. Her friends tease her that she has been staring the brotha down for so long she should go talk to him. She scoffs at the notion because she does not want to talk; oh no she wants something else. Something simple, something hard.

She gathers herself and straightens out her outfit. Her friends understand what she is doing- building up her confidence to talk to the man. She walks over with a bit of a jaunt in her step. As she walks over, some men try to get her attention, but she ignores them.

She arrives at the handsome stranger. “Hello.” She says with conviction.

The man looks to his left. “Hey.” He replies evenly.

She leans into his ear. “You will fuck me tonight.”

He looks at her calmly. “I’m ready.”

Three hours earlier the man had walked in a bar. The reason is to get out of the house. Becoming unemployed, just recently found a job, and moving into a new place, he needed to get a breather. Why a bar he does not know. He had not been in his hometown in some time, and usually it is just to visit his folks and then it’s back upstate.

He sits at the bar, knowing full well he will not drink. The bartender asks what he is having, and he responds with a Dr. Pepper. The bartender is stunned. The man watches the tv, a fight is on. He does not recall either of the fighters, but it keeps his attention. Every now and again customers talk to him. He barely registers the unwanted conversations sticking to the by-the-book manners his parents taught him.

Periodically he looks around to see the clientele that had entered the bar. No one catches his attention, much less to care for theirs. He laughs at the couples that are engaging in extra-marital affairs. Funny how they seem to have so much enjoyment and laugh as if what they are doing is right.

One woman comes up to him to strike up conversation. He can tell she is a milf by all standards. A mixture of conservative-slut attire, her age bracket she tries to hide, and she is trying to get an orgasm from some young, dumb, full of cum idiot tonight. He is not having it, not from her anyway. He would destroy this petite woman, so not accepting her advances, he does her a service.

His crowd gazing does happen upon a party of ladies at a standing table. A group of four, all African American from his viewpoint but one cannot assume. They range in the thick to bbw categories of body size. One of the four catches his attention the most. She is wearing black, hip hugging jeans; yellow heels, a yellow tank, with a black jean jacket. The thick girl of the group, in fact, she looks like a Lane Bryant or Torrid model. He gives her the most time for his eyes, daydreaming what he would to her physique if given a quarter chance, and then he goes back to his own world.

It has been over a year since his skank of an ex-girlfriend left him because he lost his job. He was doing labor work at a warehouse. He ended up making quite the paycheck getting paid hourly, overtime, by job, and tips for deliveries. Apparently, the managers were doing shady shit with the deliveries area. He was investigated but, they could not pin anything on him. A week later, the whole crew was laid off. He took a day off before looking for another job, his ex-girlfriend nagged him constantly for being lazy during this transitioning period, within a week she dumped him, he moved back home with his parents for about a couple weeks, and luckily, he happened upon a job.

So, coming out to this bar is somewhat like a celebratory thing. He had not noticed her next to him until she said hello. He looks at her and realizes it is the woman he was eyeballing the most in the band of four. She does not notice, but the glass in his hands is being squeezed hard on the border of cracking. He keeps his composure and gives a solid and calm hey. She leans into his ear and tells him his duty for the night and in a cool canlı bahis manner complies. He stands up and has her lead the way.

They arrive at her home thirty minutes from the bar. She is a bit nervous because a stranger knows where she lives, while he feels he is being lead into a trap. She ushers him inside and he stands in her living area.

“Strip, sit.” He does as he is told without a word. She admires his well-maintained body. Not too muscular, but thick in all his developed areas. She licks her lips drinking in his masculine, smooth, and solid body. He sits down; his dick halfway ready to be used. She takes off her panties and pantries only and straddles his lap facing him.

“We will fuck only in this position.” She demands.

“I’m ready.” She slides his fat and firm weapon into her.

“Hmmmmm, yes. That is the right kind of dick a sistah needs.” She starts by grinding her hips to knead him into her walls. He grabs her waist but does not squeeze or guide her motions. He enjoys the ride for all its worth. Once her pussy is ready she hops up and down only climbing halfway up the tower. Her cheeks smack his pelvis but in a very sensual manner. Her kitty drips her slimy milk down his shaft. Her heat rises, and he starts pumping her.

“Oh, yes! More, more, make me cum. I want to cum on your dick!” This time he grabs her cheeks and spreads the globes and stabs the coochie. The squishing sounds as the ramrod enters and exits her mound has her roll her eyes in the back of her head.

“Uggh, uggh, oooooooh, shiiiiiiiiit! Almost there! Just a little more!” FAP! “FUUUCK!” FAP! “MEEEE!” FAP! “I’M…FAP!…CUMMING!” He gives one extremely, hard strong injection and she surges all over him. She convulses violently that he had to hold her in place. She catches her breath and regains her thought processes.

“More.” Then she kisses him, trying to eat his fat tongue. She sets herself on the palms of her feet. He knows he is in trouble. She begins just slamming into his gut. He grits his teeth feeling her insides sucking the life out of him. On her face she looks like a giddy school-girl. She laughs at his pleasurable torment. He gets a hold of her cheeks again and adds his own force. They clash together as he grunts and growls his way back into some type of control.

“Come on baby, you can fuck me better than that. Make me cum again!” He goes faster, harder; relentlessly pounding her pussy until another geyser of liquid shoots out. He lets go of her ass and takes a breather. It’s been too long since he has put in so much work and effort.

“Oh, you haven’t cum yet have you? Can’t have that now, can we?” All he can do is accept the predator’s will. She positions herself back on her knees. He slides his buttocks off the couch and she place her hands flat on his chest. Using only her ass and hips she twerks on his johnson.

“Fuck, you are damn good.” He yields.

“Finally have something to say huh? You like it when I dance on this dick? Huh?”

“Fuck yeah.” He relinquishes his grip falling into her rhythm. She pounds into his pelvis with her ass cheeks as she claps them together.

“Now, get ready.” He does not have time to, because she squeezes her muscles on his dick. “Yeah baby, this mama got skills.”

“I’m about to cum!” He howls. She gets off him and jacks him off while kissing him. He shivers in her mouth moaning with delight. After a few seconds she pulls away from him. He is dumbfounded, emphasis on the dumbed part, from that turn of an event. He blinks his eyes trying to focus, because he has never felt such euphoria before.

By the time he looks for her she is getting dressed. He understands that time is up and looks for his clothes. When he is finish he tries to say a good night, but she quiets him before he could get a word out. “Just leave.” She says barely looking him in the eyes.

He does. He gets in his car and drives to his apartment wondering why it happened. She immediately takes her clothes off and showers; not out of disgust of him, but in hopes that she could wash away that side of her that had her invite a stranger to her house. That side that had her in the thralls of some of the best sex in her life.

Reverse it

It has been a couple of weeks and she has not seen him. Not surprising since she never asked him his name or phone number for that matter. At times her thoughts would go back to that night. That night of risk and the reward was more than worth it. She would masturbate herself to sleep after putting down her daughter.

She has been trying a new position. She would get in doggystyle and shove her new toy in her box with her face in the mattress and her ass up in the air. She had the toy bought a couple days after her tryst with the handsome stranger. Her friends to this day are still berating her to give up the details of that night. She cannot bring herself to tell them about it. She wants to keep that night to herself.

She decided to join a gym that is decently close to her house. Her job offers daycare, and her and her daughter bahis siteleri can then go to the gym afterwards about three times a week. She happened upon it while driving on a Sunday afternoon before going to pick up her little mini-me and on her way back she popped into the gym to check it out. She took her daughter to the toddlers’ area. She checked the place out to make sure nothing looked suspicious.

After leaving her daughter she goes into the main gym area. Her and some other women are being shown a tour of the place. She is barely listening to her guide as she looks around. She knows she will be on the machines anyway. Plus, she is not here to lose weight but, more to keep what she has in line, so-to-speak.

After the tour she goes straight for the treadmill for some walking. At the machine she chose she was surprised to see the stranger cleaning it.

“Oh.” She said loud enough for him to look back and respond.

“Hello ma’am. Here you go, all nice and clean.” He says with a smile.

“Um, thank you.” She gets on and starts it. He smiles at her with a nod. The whole time during her exercise she would try to steal glances at him until he was out of sight. Then the thoughts of the other night would flood her mind. She wants to hop on that stick again she fancies.

After an hour of walking she goes to the counter to ask an employee some questions. The stranger is constantly moving: cleaning off benches, racking weights, and giving advice on working out. Her questions answered she decides to get her daughter. She won’t be able to concentrate anymore now. She gives a look at the man and he notices.

After a few minutes he goes outside having asked for a five-minute break. Outside, she waited by her car with her child in the back in a car seat. He waves at her with an innocent smile. She clears her throat to get his attention.

“You work here.” She says evenly.


“Hmmm. You stalking me?”

“No ma’am.”

“Friday night. Round 2.”

“I’m ready.”

The job he found is at a gym. His parents had told him about the place hiring. He practically got the job the moment he asked about it. Typical duties: he keeps the place in order and help the customers as much as possible. He treats the job like one long day at the gym. Everything he does is with a purpose and proper technique. A couple weeks in and the lady walks in with a child. He didn’t remember if she said or did anything to suggest she is a mother. The daughter has her mother’s genes.

When he finally locks gazes with her his heart races a little. His prick gets harder remembering the workout she gave the little guy. Never has he had a female just come up to him and say fuck her. Even some of these housewives and lonely spinsters don’t have the gall, even while drunk.

During his work he stares at her form as she walks. Her body seems so symmetrical even though her hips are wide, her thighs bulge out, her chest are two handfuls, but her neck. He does not know why but looking at her from behind he is hypnotized by her neck. The sweat drips down into her workout shirt. He licks his lips.

Once she is done she gives him that look to meet her outside. He receives a five-minute break and she waited by her car in the parking lot. Next thing he hears is her demanding a seconding showing of his skills. Like a robot he complies with his programmed response: “I’m ready.”

Friday night arrives, and he drives over to her house. She gave implicit directions that he will come at 9 pm, wearing something easy to get out of. So, his best decision is a t-shirt, sweat pants, socks, boxers, and tennis shoes. Hell, he hasn’t eaten all day. Immediately after work he rushed home and showered.

She cannot understand what she is doing. Another fuck session? And yet, the stranger accepts again. She has had sleepless nights trying to understand her behavior. She would conclude that rest wasn’t happening she would rub herself to sleep.

Still, Friday came, and she hopes he had come to his own senses and not come, but the ringing of her bell tells her otherwise. She welcomes him in again. She has to catch a breath, even in everyday-crap he is handsome. She is wearing a clean yoga pants outfit. The outfit tightens and extends all her curves. The man must make a triple take.

She wastes no more time and has him sit on the couch again. He does not fight. She straddles him again, but this time she pulls his shirt off eagerly. Her hands quickly go towards his pants as she searches for his dick. When she grabs it, the rapturous memory comes rushing again. His hands find their way to her chest and he gives a light massage. She responds with the same tenderness on his manhood. They stare into each other’s eyes waiting for the other to speak.

She can’t take this anymore. She rises off him and pulls his pants and boxers to his ankles with ravenous force. He bends forward to take off his shoes, but she stops him and pushes him back to the couch. She turns her back to him and then puts her thumbs inside her yoga pants and pushes bahis şirketleri the fabric just below her cheeks.

He keeps his cool, if he doesn’t, he will piss her off, and he does not want to be the victim. She looks over her shoulder down at him. She walks backwards using her hands to let her know she is far enough to sit on him. She keeps her legs together, not all that much choice because of the tight spandex.

He helps with his dick by steadying it as she slides down his pole. That first, full-on engorgement is heaven to her. Her pussy remembers him so much that her walls flex on him. She hears him exhale as he enjoys her walls cream over him. She grabs his knees and grinds him first like last time. Every twist she jerks real fast sending that shock of pleasure through him. He enjoys his view as her ass rumbles with each turn.

After warming up a bit she leans back placing her hands on the couch. She hops up and down on him keeping at least half of his monster inside of her. She hisses as his dick hits her spot over and over. He has his eyes closed, trying very hard to keep himself in control. A simple position alteration and he feels like a novice in the sex game. She lifts her feet onto the couch putting her soles on the cushions.

“Fuuuuck. Damn this dick!” She rides him again, bouncing her giant ass onto his stomach.

He grunts like he is being punched in the gut. He can’t take this abuse anymore. He grabs her cheeks and holds her still. He torpedoes her coochie with hard precise thrusts. “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Making her jerk her neck back each time. He rubs the small of her back giving her a teasing caress.

Right when she relaxed, he grips her waist and speed fucks her. “M-o-o-o-theeeeeer fuuuuuuuuuckeeeeeeer!” He laughs a bit on the inside because of her dialogue.

After he slows down she puts her feet back on the floor. She leans forward placing her hands on the floor as well. She twerks her ass up and down, cheeks rotating and switching. “You are not the only one who knows some shit.” She counters.

“Damn!” he shouts. Her pussy grips his dick like a vice one second and then sensually the next. He can’t keep up with this masterful stroke much longer. He wants to draw out this time of ecstasy as far as possible. He grabs her to stop and pulls her up. He lifts her right leg and she twists in the opposite direction. He can suck on her right breast and dick her down at the same time.

“Oh, yes, this is a lot better.” She agrees happily.

“Then one more.” He reaches around with his left hand and rubs her clit. He syncs all three of his attacks together causing her to be climax drunk. Her eyes roll into the back of her head, her breathing is heated and fierce, and the floppy movements of her body are like wet noodles. She cums more than enough, but she has never felt orgasms like these. So much stimulation her body and mind can’t keep up.

“Fuck, I’m about to cum!” He declares.

“Hurrrrrrrry!” He takes his dick out and cums in the condom. She watches as it bulges to nearly bursting. Her dick plastered thoughts make her wonder how it would taste, smell, and feel.

After a few minutes she gets her bearings. He remains on the couch, still holding her leg up, his hand over her worked vagina. She jumps up and begins to quickly put herself together. He watches her in this disarray. He likes it, this side of her.

“You have to go.” And just like that he gets up and raises his drawls and pants with the condom still on and holding his load. He walks to the door and she turns him around to face her.

“Three times the charm.” She kisses him and pushes him out the door.

Stand For Her

Two down, one more to go. This is what she is trying to convince herself. Just one more time and I am done with him. She just doesn’t know how to go about it. Should she just wait until she is horny as fuck to get him or while she is in a humdrum mood? The decision has been baffling her for a week now.

In the gym she watches him like a slut on the prowl. He always smiles at her and gives a slight head nod to acknowledge her. Sometimes she would call him over to ask a question just to be close to him. His heat is intoxicating. Other times she would try to make her movements far more expressive than normal as he walks by cleaning up the machines around her.

She sees him come out the play area with her daughter. He holds the little girl’s hand as she walks stubbly beside him, smiling and giggling. He told her she wanted her mommy. She thanks him, and he goes about his business. Every day she leaves the gym in sweat and half of it due to her stress on how to get the handsome stranger into her cookie jar again, and in what position. She decided it can’t be one of intimacy but only animalistic lust. Doggystyle perhaps but she is not into that position like most people.

The dirty deed can’t happen this weekend anyway because her daughter’s father canceled on taking her and the grandparents want a weekend to themselves. She even thought about asking one of her friends to babysit for a few hours, but she fought against it. Handing over her daughter just for some dick did not sit well with her. After all this time the only thing she knows is his name because of his job and his sex game is A-plus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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