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The next day I called in sick, I had lots of things to arrange. I went into my office, sat down and started planning. The first I had to do was to buy a web-domain, something like (I have closed the site a long time ago). I logged on to my computer and registered the page and ordered a web-hotel. Once that was done, I started working on the layout and the information that should be included.

In the afternoon Louis called on her cell:

“Hi darling, how are you?” she asked.

“I’m fine, but I had to go away for some time. Work you know…” I wasn’t finished, and I had promised myself that I wouldn’t let this be another half-done project. So I wouldn’t see Louis until I was done. On the other hand, this didn’t mean that I couldn’t put my plan into motion.

“Ooohhhh…” I could hear that she sounded sad, this little brat really had to be in love with me, and I loved it – that made it so much easier. “Will you be gone long?”

“I don’t know it all depends on this project I am working with, but I am hoping it will be done in a couple of days or so.”

“oohh, hmmm I had hoped that you had… you know… that… thing you know…” I knew exactly what she meant: If I had found out if cum really was a good skin conditioner and found that webpage that told everything about it.

“No, I don’t know what you mean, tell me” I said.

“well…” I wanted to her to say the word, I wanted her to start using the word so that it wouldn’t feel so wrong for her. “well… you know… yesterday… you said you where going to try to find that web-page… you know…”

“What web-page?” I asked.

“Well… the one that was talking about using… hmmm… cum as a body lotion…” I could hear that she was embarrassed saying it.

“Oh, that page… well yes… and no. I talked to some people and I am still looking into it, and I think I will be able to find the address really soon. Ok?”

“hmm ok… I had hoped that you would know it all by now… you know… because I am kind of running out of lotion…”

“I’ll promise I’ll let you know as soon as I find out some more. Mmmm By the way… I heard by some of the girls at work today that apparently walking around being really horny all day makes your body set free some kind of hormones that apparently help softening your skin. I just thought that might be of help to you meanwhile.”

“Wow, you are great darling. I really love you, and when you get back you can… well you know… do the same as yesterday with me even if you find out that it won’t help… if you want to that is…” I guess she had really liked being titty-fucked. She was going to be so easy to turn into my little pet-slut. My mind was racing with pictures and ideas of what I was going to do to her and her petit, but firmly shaped body… “Ohh, so you liked that did you?” I asked her.

“It was… you know… kind of strange… but yes I did… I think”

“Well, in that case you know I’ll do it again. You know I do anything that you want. Love you sweetie, but I have to go now.”

“Love you darling, and yes I know that you do.” This was great, I hadn’t even worked on her for that long and already she thought that I did all this just for her. Because I loved her. These young girls really are stupid – but on the other hand, that is why I love them.


I kept working with the webpage. I added banners to different related sites, made different frames and a couple of follow-on pages. Once that was done, I had to let my fantasy go wild. I had to come up with some information that would sound true and accurate and well backed-up, but at the same time make it fit my intentions. I started the whole thing of with a bit of history going back to the ancient Greeks and how they used the elixir of love not only for breeding but also for its smoothing effects.

I kept going, and made up one thing after the other. It was actually pretty fun, especially as I thought on how this would lead Louis into the road of becoming my slutty-cum- loving-personal- whore.

Anyway, I kept working on the webpage for a couple of days, making sure it did look real and professional. I had even arranged so that you could become a member in the SmoothSkin-club with special information and access to certain club-areas with discussion forums, expert help and so on. It would “only” cost you $299 a month – I know it sounds expensive, but I had some plans covering that to.


“Hi sweetie, I just wanted to let you know that I am coming back on Friday morning, and I thought that you might want to come over?”

“Oh illegal bahis YES, I’d love to. I have missed you so much!! And you know what? My parents are going to be gone this weekend, they are going up to our old neighbour in Texas because he is having his 50th birthday. So maybe you could come over here instead, because I have to take care of the house and stuff…you know?”

“Sure, no problem” more plans where forming in my head. “I’ll be coming over in the afternoon, when do they leave?”

“On Thursday actually so you can just pop by whenever, I’ll be waiting for you. Hrmm…by the way, did you find out about the page… you know…the cum-page so to speak… I have been doing as you told me last time, walking around all horny and stuff… I have been so horny all week that I am just dying to see you.”

“Good work sweetie, I am sure your skin is feeling great, keep it up till tomorrow and then I will give you a deserved orgasm. And the webpage is called See you Friday.”


This was amazing, I had been gone for less than a week and little Louis had already started turning into a slut. She was talking about walking around being horny and she almost didn’t hesitate when saying the word cum. She was going to become such an easy and willing little slut for me.

I was sure that she would be walking around being horny until I came over, she had always been against masturbating and touching herself so I knew she would still be horny on Friday. And she would definitely spend all the Thursday night, after her parents left, on the web reading about the healthy effects of cum. This was going to be great.



“Hi sweetie” I said as she opened the door and lunged out for me and threw herself in my arms and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth. “Wow, what’s this all about?” I asked as her tongue left my mouth.

“I just missed you so much, I have been waiting for hours. I even skipped school today, hoping that you would come early” Louis never skipped school, she was one of those cute little, well behaved girls sitting in the front row with the arm raised most of the day for answering questions. So I figured that there was something more to it than that.

“You seriously skipped school just because you where waiting for me? I said that I would come by in the afternoon…right?”

“Yes… you did…”

“Soooo?” she looked down on the ground with her big Bambi-eyes.

“I stayed home because I was reading… on the internet… on” she kept starring down, and poking around with her feet. I mean, like I cared? I wasn’t her dad or anything.

“Ohh… I see… Sooo, did you find anything interesting? Is it working, what you classmate told you I mean?” She looked up at me, and a big smile covered her face. She was so damn beautiful. She must have come out of the shower not long ago, her hair was still wet, and some water droplets dripping off her chin. I looked at her, top to bottom. Wow! Her brown hair was hanging free and her big Bambi-like green eyes where just to die for. They almost looked fake, but they where as real as they get – as was her breasts. She must have been wearing a push-up bra, cause her tits where almost swelling over the tiny tank-top she was dressed in. It left half her stomach free, showing of her perfectly trimmed waist. I felt like being in heaven. She took my hand, turned around and almost dragged me inside. As she did I looked down at her ass. It was perfectly shaped, just… well perfect! I put my hand on it and squeezed. She looked back at me and gave me a short smile. She took me into the kitchen and gave me a bottle of beer.

“Gee, thank’s” I said. This was the first time ever that she had given me any alcohol.

“Well, I want you to drink it… and there is more”

“hmm ok. I guess” I tried to seem surprised.

“Let’s go to my room” she guided me into her room – it was a small but cosy room in the basement. The walls where sober and without any posters, in one corner there was a computer desk with a desktop computer on it. As I looked over at it I saw that was open in one window. I pretended like I didn’t notice. Her bed was a small one, I figured that the only sexual-positions you could have in it woulb be on top of each other, unless she was going to be half sitting on the floor sucking my cock as I was laying on the bed. She guided me over to the bed and handed me another beer.

She sat down in front of me, on her knees leaning forward so that I could see straight in to her big swollen tits. I still can’t understand illegal bahis siteleri how a girl with such a small body as hers could have such big breasts. “Darling, you know that I love you. Right?”

“Yeah, sure I do. And I love you sweetie.”

“I know, that’s why I want to ask you some things for this weekend… You know that I am so precautious about my skin…”


“Well, and on the webpage you sent me there where a lot of recommendations and tips for how I could make sure my skin stays the way it is… but I need your help… almost all of the tips are kind of sexual, and some might be scaring to you… they scared me in the beginning, but as I thought about it, I can stand some…well things that I don’t really like to do just to keep my skin soft and firm and nice…” If she only knew…

“Alright sweetie, you know that I’ll do anything for you, and I really mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, as long as it makes you happy. So what kind of things is it that you have to do to keep your skin in good condition?”

“Well, some of them I still think I have to get used to in my mind before I try them. But others I want us to do right away. Like I want to suck your cock and let you come on my tits again, just to start it off.” I wasn’t used to hear her talk like this, but I guess that walking around horny for almost a week and spending a whole day in front of some XXX-rated web-pages, made her change the way of talking about sex.

“I think you will really like it” she said. “I have red a lot about how to do it, and I have been practicing on some cucumbers and sausages most of last night and this morning, just so that you will appreciate it”

“You have red about it? Where?”

“Oh, there where some links on that I tried out” this had gone so much better than I had hoped for, this was going to be toooo easy. I probably wouldn’t have to do much, instead she would help me turn herself in to the nastiest slut I had ever met…

“Ohh, okey – where they any good?” I asked her.

“You’ll see” she answered coming a bit closer to my crotch.

She started fondling my legs and caressing the outside of my pants just around the area where my now growing cock was getting hard. She leaned forward, looked me in the eyes and said “Just relax darling, just lay back and let me make it good for you”. How could I resist!?

I could feel her breath getting closer to my crotch. I was wearing jeans and I soon felt how she started kissing and licking them in the area of where my dick was constantly growing bigger. She leaned in and pushed her mouth straight over my balls. I could feel her tongue following the outlines of my balls on my pants. “Oooohhhhhh” I couldn’t help myself from letting out a couple of moans and grunts. It was so great! Here I was, laying on my back in an 18 year old girls room (a girl with the greatest tits and tightest ass I had seen in years!), a beer in my hand and her head licking my balls through my pants. She pushed her mouth harder against my balls and exhaled – I could feel the heat spreading.

“Don’t say a word, just let me do what I want. You can tell me afterwards if you liked it or not. Ok?” she sounded a bit afraid that I wouldn’t let her continue! – Stupid little teen-bitch I thought for myself. Of course I won’t stop you, I’ll be making everything to get you to keep going, cause you are going to get to be the nastiest little bitch slut in town, and who knows, I might even be making some money on your great body and your disgusting mind in a couple of weeks…

“Ok sweetie, I told you I’ll do anything you want”

“Good” she said and let her tongue go further down my pants and crotch.

No way! I thought. Is she already going for my ass?! She hasn’t even sucked my cock, but she already wants to lick my ass. This was going to be a great night.

Her tongue was licking on my pants and getting them all wet from the tip of my cock to my ass. She kept it up for a while and let her saliva moisten my jeans. Suddenly she worked her mouth back up to my waist line and started to unbutton my pants with her mouth. She soon had all the buttons undone and started to pull of my jeans. She had them around my feet in no-time and started the licking all over again. But this time she was licking my cock, my balls and my ass through my boxers. “Goooooood!” I thought for myself, “I’m in heaven!!”

Her procedure got me incredible hot and hard. My cock was bigger than ever and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take all that much more of this great treatment before I would blow my load.

“Sweetie, I’m gonna…”

She put a canlı bahis siteleri hand over my lips, looked me in the eyes and said “Ssschhhhh”.

I shut up. What else could I do? She wanted me to be quiet, so I would just have to try to hold it back as long as possible. But it felt so great… her mouth all around my rock hard cock. Her tongue licking all around my ass and my balls. Mmmmmmmmm

She looked me deep in the eyes and moved her body a bit higher. Her swollen breasts where just in the right height to close in on my cock – and they did. Louis leaned in and let her massive jugs fall down on my cock. She grabbed my ass and pushed her chest on to my crotch. Although I still had my boxers on I could feel her breasts squeezing around my cock. She pushed her even harder against me and started bobbing her perfect body up and down, letting me titty-fucking her gorgeous breasts.

Again she looked me in the eyes and then started kissing and licking my stomach. She moved her left hand out from underneath me and shoved a couple of her fingers in my mouth. I started automatically sucking on them. Mmmm… It felt great.

She removed her hand and backed off a bit. Then she tilted her head and put it just above the top of my boxer-covered cock-head. She looked at me deeply and slowly opened her mouth to let a big glob of saliva drip out. It covered my cock-head and was about to start running down my shaft when she leaned in a bit, took a hard grip around my cock and aimed it at her open mouth.

She sucked hard on my cock and started quickly to let her head go down on it as much as she could. I have never experienced anything like it before. I was lying on my back, a bunch of pillows under my back and head – so that I could see what she was doing, and in between my legs there was cute little brat Louis (a soon to be “the nastiest little teen-whore in the neighbourhood”) with her mouth swallowing my cock, while I still had my boxers on. Her head was getting faster and faster in its up and down movements. And she was taking more and more of my cock in her mouth and down her throat. In a matter of minutes she almost had my whole shaft buried down her throat, and that with my cock all wrapped up in my boxers.

Suddenly she stopped bobbing her head. I looked down at her and her sweet face hiding my huge cock. She was trying to get the last inches to get down her throat. She started to move her head again, only this time with some more force, trying to jab my shaft down the last little bit. I could hear her started to gag and cough “Argh,… Argh,… Argh,… Urrrrghhh,…. aaggghhhh…” But it seemed like the last two inches just didn’t want to fit in her throat. I thought she was about to give up when she backed of for a second or two. But instead she just jammed my cock back in her mouth and down her tight little throat, gagging on it as it went further and further down her young little untouched throat.

“Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrr ggggghhhhhhhh… Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrr ggggghhhhhhhh…” She refused to give up and instead forced her head further on to my cock, getting my head deeper and deeper into her throat. She started choking and gagging again – even worse than before. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggggggggg hhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aarrgghh AAARRR gGGHHHHh” Spit and drool was leaking out of her open mouth, on to my boxers and down my leg.

I just couldn’t hold back any more. My cock began throbbing and throbbing shooting my wad into her throat. Louis started gagging again but didn’t back of, instead she began again pumping her head up and down on my hard cock until there was nothing left in me. Then she jammed her head down on my cock once more with full force, forcing my whole fuck meat down her tight virgin throat. I was in heaven.

She backed off, looked me in the eyes, and started licking on my now completely soaked boxers. Louise licked around my crotch for a couple of minutes before she stripped me of them. Then she got on the bed and lied down next to my face, gave me a kiss and started rubbing my cum covered boxers all around her chest, smearing her beautiful large breasts with a mixture of my cum and her saliva.

Once her tits where covered in the slimy mixture she put the boxers to her mouth and started licking and biting on them. In a matter of seconds he had shoved them all in her mouth, it made her cheeks stand out and it looked as if she had just come back from the dentist, and was starting to chew on them.

I just knew this weekend would be great! Louis was gonna turn into my little slutty teenage-whore before her parents where gonna be back… it also seemed like she was going to do my work of turning her into that little ass-eating- cock-loving- neighbourhood- teenage-slut that much easier…


I would love to get your comments – good or bad, suggestions and ideas! Please drop me an e-mail.

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