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Big Tits

(continued from chapter 19)…..


Stunned silence.

There’s no other phrase to describe the somber pall that enveloped their Aunt Agnes’ living room, the truth of their lives having just been bared to Tess and Jo.

Seizing the opportunity, Maggie quickly poured their group some of her mother’s valued Irish whiskey, it only used for special occasions.

Without waiting for the others, Agnes quickly lifted her glass to her lips, taking a healthy swig of the treasured blend.

“But, my father…I mean…mom’s first husband…” Jo clumsily babbled after following her Aunt’s example and taking a long swig of the whiskey, herself.

“He knew, Jolene,” Agnes interrupted Jo to say, “and he loved your mother so much, he forgave her, taking you to raise as his own and never, ever throwing it up to her face that you were another man’s child.”

“He was a good man, Jolene, you need to know that,” Agnes said further to her brother’s daughter.

“But….my dad and mother?” Tess asked her aunt.

“When they knew that Christine was pregnant, they also knew that there was no way that they could be together as a couple, married or not, not as long as your grandfather, Shamus, was alive. Robert and Christine chose to go their separate ways, which led, eventually, to Robert meeting and marrying your mother, Theresa and settling into their separate married lives,” Agnes continued to the girls.

“It was fate, coincidence, whatever you want to call it, that both of their spouses were to pass from this earth within a year of each other, and after Shamus-your grandfather, Jolene-passed and joined your grandmother in the hereafter, Robert and Christine reconnected, almost immediately, that’s how strong their love for each other was,” Agnes recounted, her eyes staring off into where? only she knew.

“So…that’s why mom took the partnership offer, and why we moved,” Jo contributed, “to be near my step-dad, I mean, dad……….Shit!, I don’t know anything, anymore; I mean, what do I call him?”

“Jolene, you were fortunate to have two men in your life who loved you enough to be called your father; be happy for that, that’s more than a lot of people have,” Maggie said to her cousin.

More stunned silence. More drinking of fine Irish whiskey.

“I knew it!” Tess suddenly exclaimed, “I always knew that there was something really special about how we, as a family, connected so quickly when our parents married.”

“It’s also why Robert and Christine asked if Robert could legally adopt you, Jolene,” Maggie said further as she poured more whiskey for their small family unit.

“Wow…..I’m sorry, this is all so much to take in at one time,” Jo said to the women in that small living room, “I mean…”

“I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you or offended you but, Mary Margaret was right, you both had to know the truth,” Agnes said to her nieces.

“No, no, Aunt Agnes, it was absolutely the right thing to do and we love you for it,” Tess said, getting up to hug Agnes, quickly followed by Jo, all of the women shedding tears of relief? of gladness?

“Mum, I think I’ll bring the girls to my place now; it’s been a long day for them already and I’m sure they need a bit of time to adjust to their news,” Maggie said as she hugged her mother, “we’ll pick you up at ten in the morning for the services, okay?”

“Thank you, luv; Jolene? Theresa? Your parents would be proud of the fine young women you are, but, I know you know that,” Agnes said as she hugged her nieces goodnight.

“We do, Aunt Agnes, we do, and thank you,” Jo said as she and Agnes hugged each other tightly.

The ride across town to Maggie’s was a silent one, all three cousins understanding and, welcoming, the lack of conversation. Maggie took Tess and Jo up the back, outside stairs of her pub to drop their bags. That task completed, she then took the girls down the inside stairs to meet Beth.

“Beth, this is Jo and Tess, my American cousins; girls, my right-hand gal, Beth,” Maggie said in introduction.

Beth was, the girls guessed, somewhere in her thirties, probably ten years or so younger than Maggie; five-six’ish, 130 pounds, give or take three and, all in all, attractive in a ‘cute’ sort of way.

“Pleased to meet you girls, hope you enjoy your stay in Ireland,” Beth said with a smile, “Get you girls something to drink?”

“Jo, what was that we had the other night, at The Bean?” Tess asked her sis, the mention of The Bean causing Maggie and Beth to exchange quick glances with each other.

Knowing glances is what they were.

“Black and Tans, I believe,” Jo answered, not unmindful of the exchanged looks between Maggie and Beth.

“Coming right up, ladies,” and with that said, Beth did her thing and delivered perfect B and T’s.

“Girls, feel free to come down and mingle after you’ve rested a bit, or not, as you wish. I’m sure you have a bit of talking to do. I’ll stay down for a while and give Beth a hand with the factory crowd that will be here shortly,” Maggie istanbul escort said to her cousins.

“Thanks, Maggie, I think we’ll take your offer and go upstairs for a bit, thanks again,” Jo answered for she and Tess.

The sibs took their ales with them and climbed the stairs back to the living quarters, settling in on a couch in the small living room. Neither said a word, both lost in their own thoughts for the moment.

Jo was the first to speak.

“Well, explains a lot, doesn’t it?” referring to the revelation of their ‘true’ relationship.

“It does, but…..I’ve been trying to decide if it changes anything, you know, between you and me,” Tess replied, taking a long pull at her tankard of ale, afterwards.

“And?” Jo questioned.

“For me? It really doesn’t, Jo. I’m sorry, maybe it should but the honest-to-God’s-truth is that, it doesn’t, not in the least,” Tess answered.

“Yeah. For me either, baby…….I know it’s wrong on so many fucking levels but, I loved you when you were my step-sis and now? as my half-sis? I still love you…I can’t change that, Tess, I simply can’t,” Jo replied, small tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“Well, if we’re damned for loving each other then we’ll ride the train to hell together, Jo. I love you, that’s the simple truth of it,” Tess proclaimed just before taking Jo into her arms and sharing a sweet kiss of love, not lust, just pure, unadulterated love.

That’s not a bad thing, folks, not in the least…

The services, the interment of Robert and Christine’s ashes in the Clancy masoleum went off without a hitch. Sure, the girls would have loved for the Church to ritualize the ceremony with a priest’s presence to conduct the services but, under the circumstances of the first-cousin relationship, they understood that the Church simply couldn’t.

“Rest in peace, ‘rents,” Tess whispered under her breath, “you’re home, now,” believing that it truly made a difference.

Beliefs are strong, people.

Once back at Agnes’ apartment, Jo and Maggie took over the kitchen to finalize the meal that had been left cooking in the slow oven while the group was at the services. Working like a well-oiled machine, both women took notice of the other’s culinary skills as they worked on the final touches of their repast.

Genes ARE funny things.

Tess and Agnes spent the time catching up on the history of the two families, the Clancys and the O’Learys, Tess soaking it in like a sponge, the history-major side of her not able to get enough of their rich, long histories in the Emerald Isle.

During the day, the sibs went on day-trips, mostly with just Maggie, sometimes with Beth along, soaking up as much of the Irish experience as they could. Nights were spent, mostly, meeting and mingling with the locals in Maggie’s pub but, with no dalliances with any of the locals. The sibs even restrained their desire, their need to make love to each other, both figuring that their family had enough secrets to deal with without adding to the pot, so to speak. Came the day, however, inevitably, that Tess and Jo said goodbye to their elderly Aunt and Maggie drove the girls back to Dublin, back to the Airport Hyatt, the day before their flight home to the States.

“Perhaps I’ll take you up on the invitation to visit, cousins, sooner rather than later; I’m forty-two and I’d rather do it while I’m still young enough to enjoy it,” laughing and hugging the sibs afterwards.

“The door’s always open to you, Maggie; please do, please come and visit,” and with that, not to mention a few tears, the cousins parted ways…

“Looking forward to going home, though I have to say, I loved our time here,” Tess said over the noise of the shower as Jo fixed her makeup at the bathroom sink.

“Yeah, me too, I have mixed emotions about going home,” Jo replied, leaning her hands on the sink and surveying her attempt at applying the little bit of makeup that she used, in the mirror.

Fuck it, she decided, it is what it is.

The girls decided that they would return to The Bean for their last night in Ireland, grab a couple of B&T’s, as they now called them, and maybe shag some snatch. They were hornier than hell and though they knew they had each other, their desire to share some Irish pussy again, was first on the agenda for both.

“I’m going to check email while you finish getting ready, babe,” Jo informed Tess over the noise of the shower. She wasn’t at the laptop more than a minute when the familiar Skype alert tone announced an incoming call.

“Hey Meg, is anything wrong?” Jo asked when she saw who was calling.

“Nope, just checking in to see if you guys were still on schedule and all that,” Meg smilingly replied when the video feed caught up with the audio of the call.

“Yep, we’re at the hotel now, flight’s on time, so unless you hear differently from us, still plan on picking us up tomorrow afternoon.”

“Got it,” the soon-to-be-college avcılar escort freshman confirmed, “Oh, guess what? We just found out that Janice and I’s request to be roomies was approved; we’ll share a dorm room at school.”

Janice, like Megan, would be attending Tess’ undergraduate school, both majoring in Music. Megan dropped her idea to major in biology, deciding instead that she really wanted to pursue a career in music education. Both she and Janice had been offered, and accepted, scholarships from the School of Music at the school.

“Aw, that’s great, sugar….on a lot of different levels,” Jo chuckled in response, referring, of course, to the teenagers’ budding romance.

“Hey Jo!,” came to greeting just before Jan stepped into the picture, her eighteen, soon to be nineteen, year-old brown body clad in just bra and panties.

“Hey yourself, good-looking, just heard the good news about the dorm assignments, congrats.”

Wrapping her arms around, and standing behind, Megan, Janice smiled into the camera at Jo’s image and grabbed one of Meg’s boobs in her hand, “Yeah, gonna’ have me some booty on call all the time,” laughing as she juggled Meg’s tit in her hand jokingly.

“Well, look you guys, got to run; don’t forget to change the sheets, okay?” Jo reminded the two youngsters.

“S’matter? ‘Fraid you might catch something?” Meg teasingly asked.

“Seriously, change the fucking sheets, Meg,” Jo replied, serious, but laughing.

“Just teasing, I will….see y’all tomorrow night; oh, is it okay if Janice and I stay one more night after y’all get home?”

“Sure, you know it is….’K’, got to go,” Jo said signing off, wondering what that was all about, the request to stay another night. Could it be that the two youngsters want to play with the sibs?

Nah, Jo decided, we’re not THAT lucky…….

“Over there, babe, against the wall,” Jo almost shouted in Tess’ ear to be heard over the din in the crowded pub, nodding with her head towards the empty table, “grab it and I’ll order a couple of B&T’s,” walking to find one of the server gals.

More butch/bois than femmes tonight, Jo thought as she slowly slipped through the throng towards the bar to place their order. Finding one of the servers, Jo placed the order and just as she turned to join Tess at their table, she felt a hand on her arm, stopping her.

“We meet again…thought I’d not see you again,” the voice, thick with the beautiful lilt of an Irish accent, said.

Turning towards the voice, Jo was met by a smiling, freckled face framed by short, reddish/blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. It was her, the woman in the hallway from a couple of weeks ago. She was dressed simply, skirt and a blouse that appeared almost a size too small, judging by the strain her bosom placed upon the buttons of her top.

“Hey, I remember you….you untangled us in the hallway, right?” Jo smilingly replied, her gay-dar pinging like crazy as she leaned towards the woman to be heard over the laughter and noise.

“American? Have to be with that accent… alone are you?” Ms. Freckle-face replied.

“No, I’m here with my sis, back against the wall at that table,” Jo replied with lips close to the ear of the woman, her perfume ‘just’ right to the senses.

“Might my friend and I join you at your table? Perhaps buy you a round?” the woman responded.

“Sure, love to meet the locals,” Jo replied, wondering if this was an attempt at a pick-up or some such.

Jo made her way to Tess and their table, trailed by two very cute women, both of them smiling as they approached Tess.

“I’m sorry, but……” Jo started to say but was interrupted by her rescuer’s voice.

“I’m Mandy….and this is Claire,” Ms. Freckle-face said in way of introduction, both of the women sitting in the two chairs while Jo sat on the bench-type seat anchored to the wall, next to Tess.

“Tess, Mandy is the woman I told you about, the woman who managed to get us untangled in the hallway to the loo when we were here with Colleen a couple of weeks ago,” Jo explained to her sib, their B&T’s delivered right afterwards.

“Right you are, well, here’s to you, ladies,” Mandy said, lifting her glass to toast the Yanks.

“Back at’cha,” Tess replied, her eyes darting between the two women, stopping for some reason on Claire’s face whose eyes were lustfully staring at Tess’ rack and cleavage.

Truthfully, Tess was sorta’ tingling from Claire’s lustful ogling of her rack. Claire had a very cute face, sort of an androgynous ‘look’ with her hair shorn ‘butch-boi’ short and her boyish mannerisms. In fact, Tess had quickly decided, Claire sorta’ reminded her of Sinead O’Connor, a younger, thinner, Sinead O’Connor. She’d never really had much experience with butch-bois though she had been with a few stud-butches.

No, Claire wasn’t that, Tess decided, definitely a boi, but a very sexy one she had decided, somewhat surprised at her excitement with that fact.

“Did you girls enjoy şirinevler escort your evening with Colleen?” Mandy asked the sibs, leaning over the table to be heard, her cleavage showing that her face wasn’t the only part of her body that was freckled.

“Do you know Colleen?” Tess asked.

“Darling, we ALL know Colleen,” Mandy laughingly replied, “I believe you’ve had a go with her a time or two haven’t you, luv?” directing the comment/question towards Claire.

“Indeed, I have, lovely girl she is,” Claire replied to the group but her eyes hard on Tess when she said it, “Talented little flicker is that one, don’t you think?”

Well, Fuck, let’s just get right to it, why don’t we? Jo thought at that moment.

“Definitely a lot of fun,” Jo replied, sipping her schooner of ale afterwards, her eyes locked with Mandy’s.

The four women shared quick bar-bios with each other, though conversation was nearly impossible without shouting.

“Bloody hell,” Claire declared, “seems like the natives are bloody restless tonight,” scrunching up her face at the loud laughing behind her, “So bloody hard to hear anything with all of the cackling hens.”

“Girls, would you like to come back to our place? We’re only a couple of buildings down the alley from here and I do have a fresh, unopened bottle of whiskey that we could share and be able to talk without shouting,” Mandy offered.

“Sounds like a good idea as long as we’ll be able to catch a cab from your place back to our hotel for our flight in the morning,” Tess replied.

“We’ll get you to your hotel, luv, no worries,” Claire cooed in reply to Tess, her eyes disrobing Tess when doing so.

The quartet ambled down the cobbled-stoned alley-way, ‘paired off’, if you will, Jo and Mandy, Tess and Claire, each pair in quiet conversation of nothing of importance, each pair ‘knowing’ the real reason for leaving the pub.

“Mandy gets to spend much more time in our flat than I do,” Claire declared as she unlocked the door to the alley entrance of their building, “my job has me on the move during the week while she just catches the tram to her office.”

“Have you two been together long?” Jo asked as the four gals walked up the short, narrow flight of stairs to the second level.

“Hmmmm, let’s see….depends on what you consider ‘long’, I suppose; for us it’s been a little over a year,” Claire answered as Mandy unlocked, then opened the door to their apartment.

“Almost two years, dearie; it’s been just a year since my divorce and we were together for almost a year prior,” Mandy corrected.

“You were married?” Tess asked.

“Sort of, I suppose, but the marriage was nothing more than a sham, in truth. He much preferred buggering young fancy boys and he knew, full well, that my preference was for the ‘bean’. When Claire and I met, she got me drunk, made love to me and I simply stayed on,” Mandy answered as she broke the seal on the bottle of whiskey on the cupboard’s shelf.

Dropping to sit in a large, armchair, Claire extended a hand towards Tess.

“Here, luv, come sit here with me,” patting her thigh, her smile lustful and leery, I’m-going-to-fuck-you leery.

Not thinking twice about it, Tess did just that, sitting on the offered thigh, keeping one foot on the floor but throwing the other leg across Claire’s other thigh and the arm of the chair.

“That’s a good girl,” Claire cooed while playing with Tess’ hair with her hand that was behind Tess’ back, both Tess and Claire seriously eye-fucking the other.

Very matter-of-factly, Claire began stroking the inside of Tess’ thigh, under her skirt, both women silent, both women ‘in the moment’.

“You have a nice touch with your fingers,” Tess said, her breathing a bit labored from her arousal at Claire’s fingers stroking her thigh slowly, her fingertips coming teasingly close to her damp pussy.

“You’ll find that I’m very gentle, or not, depending on who I’m with,” reaching with her lips towards Tess’ lips which were dropping to meet hers……

“Looks like they’re getting along nicely,” Mandy said to Jo, motioning with her chin towards Tess and Claire.

Pouring the four of them a half-glass of the whiskey, Mandy re-corked the bottle, turning to face Jo afterwards.

“Shall we interrupt them to offer a drink?” Mandy asked her new American friend.

“We could, I suppose but, before we do…..” and taking Mandy’s head between her hands, Jo kissed Mandy lustfully, fueled by the scene of her sis and Claire in the living room. Like Tess, Jo also ‘got off’ on watching lesbians make love.

For her part, Mandy simply uttered a low, excited moan while sliding her hands between their bodies to cup and fondle Jo’s breasts while they kissed. The more she fondled those gorgeous mounds of flesh, the more hot and lustful was their kiss.

Kinda’ worked out for both of them.

“I suppose the whiskey won’t spoil if we let it sit for a bit,” Mandy said, pulling her mouth, reluctantly, from Jo’s, “We should continue this in the bedroom, I should think,” taking Jo by her hand and walking quickly towards the bedroom……

Tess’ head was thrown back, one of her hands rubbing over the buzzed, almost bald, head of Claire while the Irish boi sucked on one of Tess’ tits, her tongue make slow circles around the aroused nipple of the American.

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