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6). the sixth encounter

11pm – a text: “So?”

I laughed, then replied, “So what?”


“Haha, You obviously are!”

“Wanna fuck?”


“Got a condom?”

“No, but I do have lube!”

“Give me 20 minutes”


But he never showed. Apparently he had car trouble. Fuck I was horny, so very fucking horny and now frustrated too!

I’d applied the newly bought lube — and a lot of it – not five minutes after his ‘give me 20’ text. The mere thought of his arrival had me turned on, the anticipation of his visit made my tummy fill with a good nervous energy. But I knew that physically, I might have to start things up on my own, have things at the ready for when he arrived. While it only took him seconds to get hard, it usually took me a bit longer. Boys usually always cum quicker than girls — if they want — well, especially quicker than me.

Although, with M, I was doing pretty well when it came to orgasming. He’d made me cum twice already, the last time simultaneously. In truth, M makes me cum all the time, sometimes twice a day, but he’s not always actually there, physically, in my bed, he’s not there fucking me, or rubbing my clit; he’s not there licking or fingering my wet cunt, he’s not there fucking me doggy up the arse, not actually, not physically. But he’s always there in my mind, in my thoughts, in my fantasies. And he’s always there watching me when I cum.

So as I lay back on my bed, I began to rub myself with the generous amount of lube I’d squeezed into my hand. I moaned aloud as the slippery and exquisite sensation tickled me, excited me, my clit instantly engorged, swollen at my touch. God it felt good. So wet. So horny.

He’d canlı bahis better get here soon or I’d make myself climax. I was so very horny, so turned on. I heard a car. Him? No, it drove past. Damn. Rub some more. Oh god, feels so good. Better stop. Another car? No, damn it! Damn him!

This lube, this rubbing, was driving me crazy. I really didn’t think I could hold out. Turns out, I didn’t have to. My phone buzzed. ‘I’m not coming round. Car trouble. Explain tomorrow”.

I threw the phone down and screamed out a mighty orgasm into a silent and lonely night.

The following night however, he came. Oh boy, did he come!

It was the same deal as the night before. He text to see if I was ‘available’. I replied that I most definitely was. He asked which hole he could stick his dick in. I replied why not give all three a try?

He responded like I knew he would. “Hmmm, tantalising menu. I think I’ll start with your mouth, then a bit of pussy, and for dessert I will take the arse”.

Since the first time I let him fuck me up the arse, he’s wanted to do it again and again. In fact, since the first time I text him ‘I love anal’, that’s all he’s ever talked and text about.

A few hours later I was in the same position I was in 24 hours ago. Lying naked in bed, bottle of lubrication beside me, my hand wet with it, and playing with my pussy. Again it took mere seconds to put me in a dangerously close to orgasming state of arousal. And again 20 minutes earlier he’d text me to say he’d be here — in 20 minutes.

As I gently touched myself with one hand, I grabbed at my nipples with the other, already hard, sensitive, ready.

A car pulled in the drive. My front door already bahis siteleri sightly ajar ready for him, pushed open and in he walked. He walked the short walk to my bedroom and stood in the doorway.



He undressed in silence, and in complete darkness, then walked toward me. I was now sitting up, a handful of lube ready. “Feel this, ” I said and searched in the dark for his penis. I found it and quickly took it from flaccid to erect. He had a lovely dick. It grew harder, hotter, bigger in my hands, it turned me on.

He found my pussy and when he touched it, he felt the wetness and groaned loudly. “Jesus, that’s fucking hot,” and began his excellent massage with his thumb on my clit, softly, gently, quickly rubbing, my moans the acknowledgement to continue.

I’d never taken him in my mouth before, so I decided it was time. He’d talked about it enough, text me over and over again how he would love to watch me suck his throbbing cock; how he’d be round to stick it in my pussy, and then my mouth; how he’d love to watch me swallow his cum as he squirted it into me. How he’d love me to suck him off and then cum all over my tits. At least they were some of his suggestions.

I moved my body down and found his cock with my mouth. He moaned as I took him, sucking gently at first, taking him in and then back out again, then in and out again. I licked the length of his shaft, inside, outside, then took him back into my mouth, sucking, sucking, then back out. As I pulled his shaft with my hand, I licked the tip, flicking my tongue over the top, pulling, licking, sucking on the end, tasting his pre-cum as he slipped in and out of my mouth.

I sucked him off for as long as I could bahis şirketleri before I was too horny and wanted to be fucked. With one final suck and stroke I withdrew and come back to his mouth which I kissed. “Time to fuck me!” I demanded and he pushed me onto my back, and quickly, forcefully spread my legs wide.

He was so hard, I was so wet, he slid into me like a hot sharp blade slicing through warm butter. I moaned at the sensation and arched my back pushing my pelvis up against him.

He fucked me hard, our bodies hitting perfect sync with one another as he slid in and out of me, over and over, his chest mashing against mine, squishing against my breasts that heaved under his touch.

Soon, he sat up, still inside me, and spread my legs further apart with his hands. He opened me up wide, the feeling of vulnerability exciting me. While he slowed his trusting to a slower, deeper pace, his cock gliding sliding deep into me, his thumb rubbed gently at my clit again. God that turned me on, I loved it, it felt so good, so hot, so very fucking hot.

He fucked me till I came again. I remember grabbing at his arms, clawing him with my nails as I came, waves of orgasm washing over me as bucked and jolted underneath him. I tightened my legs around him and pushed up against him as the orgasm eventually subsided. As I slowly let myself back down onto the bed, he was still thrusting inside me when he asked in a grunted whisper, “Where can I cum tonight?”

I answered, breathlessly, “Anywhere you like”. He fucked harder, faster, my legs splayed wide apart, my head banging against the wall as he grunted, groaned, then withdrew from inside and came in hot gushes over my breasts, sprays of cum hitting my chin.

We lay panting, breathless, spent, slight quivers momentarily escaping our limbs.

He leant down and kissed me gently on the lips, “Gotta go.” He got up, dressed and left.

..until the next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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